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CLEANSTRAW system: Dust control system!

Dust in livestock buildings is detrimental to the comfort of the herd but also to the health and well-being of livestock farmers.

This can result in poor performance significantly impacting the farm’s productivity and profitability: up to 20%* slower growth and fattening!

CLEANSTRAW is a system that sprays a fine mist of water over the straw as it is spread, causing dust to settle during the first 30 seconds after straw-blowing.

The straw retains its absorbent qualities because very little water is needed for efficient dust control: 3 litres / 100 kg of straw.

The system is designed with a 64 litre tank to handle 12 to 18 bales of straw.

It is activated via an in-cab switch that also controls the POLYDRIVE transmission driving the bale separator.

CLEANSTRAW is available on all multi-purpose chutes of straw blowers and mixer wagons with straw blowing turbines.

The system can also be retrofitted on these machines.

The benefits can be measured right away: better herd health by reducing mycotoxins in the air, better working conditions for farmers, straw that retains its absorbent quality, cleaner livestock buildings, etc.

Source: KUHN S.A.