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Compact, flexible and multi-talented

Compact, flexible and multi-talented

The new Multicar M29

Hako have both extended and optimised the structure of their Multicar product range.

In the past, the narrow-gauge implement carrier Multicar TREMO had its place next to the multifunctional implement carriers Multicar M27 and M31. With its new trade name Multicar M29, the vehicle has become a more integral part of the Multicar range. And, of course, the machine fully complies with the latest Euro-VI standard.

The new narrow-gauge implement carrier Multicar M29 offers a high-level safety concept for both the driver and the passenger.

Safety for the driver and the passenger

Moving a Multicar up to the next generation of emission standards is not just cosmetic surgery but in fact means a fundamental change of the entire vehicle concept. This certainly applies to the new Multicar M29. In addition to the new trade name, the compact narrow-gauge implement carrier excels with sophisticated inner values that go far beyond environmental protection issues.

The vehicle, for example, provides perfect working conditions for the driver. The cabin of the new Multicar M29 offers a high level of occupant protection, DEKRA-certified following safety tests according to directive ECE-R29. Despite the Multicar’s small width of only 1.32 m, this workplace on wheels offers plenty of space and maximum comfort – from the ergonomic driver’s seat with individually adjustable seating position to air conditioning and a good sound insulation complimented by a state-of-the-art chassis that absorbs jolts and vibrations to protect the backs of both the driver and the passenger.

For Hako, ergonomics has always been a question of a coherent overall vehicle concept. The way in which the work can be handled plays an important part in ensuring sustained working. That is why the cabin of the new Multicar M29 is equipped with large long-slung front and side windows so that the driver can keep an eye on both the attachments and his surroundings at all times while remaining comfortably seated. In addition, optimal dimensioned mirrors, an optional ramp mirror at the front as well as a large rear window ensure a perfect view to the rear.

The ergonomic concept also includes the control functions of the vehicle, enabling the driver to still have everything in view while driving. Both the hydraulic vehicle drive and the attachment functions are centrally and comfortably controlled via both a joystick and self-explanatory switches. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with a number of assistance systems facilitating operation. True to the motto: As little distraction as possible. The driver can fully concentrate on his surroundings, which helps to ensure safer working.

The Multicar M29 is the optimal vehicle for working in confined spaces. With a width of only 1.32 metres, the multi-talent can access even narrow streets or service roads - with a payload of up to 3.2 tons!

Safety is an essential aspect that characterises this new vehicle. The same high standards that usually apply in the lorry construction industry have been used as a criteria yardstick when developing the Multicar M29. That is why this narrow-gauge implement carrier is equipped with all-wheel drive, disc brakes, an integrated hydrostatic ABS as well as heavy-duty axles as a standard to provide stable road-holding characteristics in any given situation.

The special highlight distinguishing this implement carrier with hydrostatic drive is that the vehicle is equipped with hydrostatic braking power as a standard feature. Depending on the situation at hand, the driver can adjust the level of braking support from the hydrostatic drive to the service brake via a three-stage rocker switch. An innovative hydrostatic ABS provides additional safety when braking, efficiently protecting the driver from accidentally misjudging the situation. This electronically controlled combination of hydrostatic “engine” brake and ABS is a unique feature providing a significant safety plus for steep downhill driving and high payloads.

The hydrostatic drive, however, has another big plus to offer when it comes to steep uphill driving: It is additionally mechanically supported to provide both even more exact adjusting of the working speed to individual tasks and additional power reserves. So that steep inclines are nothing to worry about any more.

The safety package of the Multicar M29 is complemented by a number of features that may seem self-evident at first glance, however, the distinctive point is that this vehicle is equipped with many special features as a standard: From daytime running light to large reflectors and an LED flashing beacon.

Unlimited possibilities – also in sensitive areas

The new turbo diesel engine with state-of-the-art engine management and a closed-system particle filter is the environmentally friendly heart of the new Multicar M29. The low emission values and minimum noise level allow the vehicle to access even environmental zones and so-called ‘urban quiet zones’, which more and more communities designate in inner-city areas to improve the residents’ quality of life.

Hence, this compact multi-talent’s endurance and power can be used both in the city and in rural areas throughout the year without restrictions: To clean streets and public areas, to maintain lawns, parks and cemeteries, to carry out winter service and much more. Around 100 attachments and superstructures from recommended partner manufacturers are available for the Multicar M29. Only a few simple steps are necessary to connect the devices to the implement carrier and operate them with the machine’s powerful hydraulic drive.

An additional two major benefits are the vehicle’s compact external dimensions and the small turning circle of only 3.25 m. The optional all-wheel steering enables working in crab-steering mode, which increases the machine’s manoeuvrability even more. Thanks to its top speed of 62 km/h, the implement carrier is road-approved for motorways and express ways, which quickly gets the vehicle from one job site to the next without delay. Compared with other vehicles in this class, the Multicar M29 offers a distinctively high payload of up to 3.2 tons. Changing the attachments only takes a few minutes, regardless of whether a superstructure is mounted onto the tipper or directly onto the chassis.

The new Multicar M29 is a professional narrow-gauge implement carrier. In addition to the transport function, the basic model M29T is equipped to provide the basis for light winter service. The model M29C with different hydraulic drives and variable equipment can be used for any kind of professional application.

Sweeping in the spring. Mowing in the summer. Leaf-blowing in autumn. Snow-ploughing in the winter. The application options of the Multicar M29 are virtually unlimited. Thanks to its modular concept, the vehicle is extremely flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications, especially in situations where manoeuvrability and a compact design are called for.