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Doka’s Super Climber

ConExpo 2020: Doka’s Super Climber – the Next Generation in Climbing Formwork

Doka – a world leader in formwork technology – brings new updates to Super Climber, creating the next generation in self-climbing formwork and working platform technology for high-rise cores. 

The Super Climber self-climbing core system increases jobsite production and reduces labor costs. The entire core formwork is hydraulically raised independent of the crane. At the push of a button, all platforms, along with interior and exterior formwork for an entire floor is raised in one single cylinder stroke.

The advantages of using Super Climber include fast assembly and cycling to increase jobsite production, labor costs are reduced through maximized efficiencies, it allows for flexibility in forming solutions, and safety is built into the jobsite.

New features this year include foldable screens and a hanging stair tower, as well as a new bracket design for reduced anchor consumption. 

Source: Doka