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Cool, cooler – HUMBAUR refrigerated box

Fresh and frozen goods perfectly transported with the new HUMBAUR FlexBox System


The distribution transport sector for fresh and frozen goods has been waiting specially for this HUMBAUR innovation. The refrigerated box on the base of an IVECO Daily, another product from the HUMBAUR FlexBox series, is celebrating its premiere from the 22nd September 2016 at the 66th. IAA Commercial vehicles trade fair in Hannover. State of the art when it comes to technology and equipped with the Xarios 500 cooling unit, the approx. 17 m³ space is ideal for the transportation of temperature sensitive goods like meat, fruit and vegetables, baked articles and pastries but also for medicines, flowers or catering products. The cool FlexBox is mounted on an IVECO Daily Chassis. But it is not only the fresh food delivery services that are delighted with this innovation from the house of HUMBAUR; the IVECO Daily refrigerated box is also best suited for deep frozen goods. The maximum of flexibility is ensured when the HUMBAUR refrigerated box trailer is coupled on. This would enable for example, catering companies to transport their material, like dishes and furniture simultaneously with their drinks and food. As has come to be expected with all HUMBAUR FlexBox boxes, the refrigerated box comes equipped with an ingenious load securing system.

Material and Preparation –PUR(e) perfection

The HUMBAUR FlexBox is pure stable lightweight construction. The material of the future at HUMBAUR is therefore called PurFerro®. These new Sandwich panels are used in all HUMBAUR Sandwich boxes. HUMBAUR is investing in both progress and lightweight construction with this step. The PurFerro® panels are constructed from 100% CFC free polyurethane foam (abbr. PUR). The hard foam core provides more stability with its increased foam density. The complete unit is reinforced with a two sided robust and easy to maintain steel resp. aluminium covering layer, which is additionally coated with a polyester varnish.

The 60 mm thick Sandwich panels constructed in the HUMBAUR PurFerro® design, provide an excellent thermal insulation and offer optimal protection from deviations in temperature. They are constructed from one piece and therefore particularly robust, smooth and easy to clean. Alongside their functionality they are exceptionally resilient to aging, are robust and vapour diffusion proof, which is an excellent basis for a long lasting and stable sandwich box. The insulated floor is constructed with foam encased cross members and a special aluminium sheet. The floor therefore combines the best insulation properties with the highest level of stability and is lightweight. Uniformly white, inside and out (RAL 9010) the smooth surface is very easy to clean. Decals and varnishing are also extremely easy to apply to the predominantly continuous PurFerro® panels.

Xarios 500 supplies the cooling

In order to maintain perfect conditions inside the refrigerated box, HUMBAUR has installed the Xarios 500 from Carrier in the cool FlexBox, as a refrigerating unit. The deep freezing capacity is minus 20 °C. The refrigerating unit is capable of cooling an area of up to 28 m³ at an outdoor temperature of 30°C. It can cool an area of 21 m3 at an outdoor temperature of 40°C.

Fresh food delivery specialists who need a temperature of between 0°C to +2°C can cool the ambient air of an area comprising 36 m3 at an outdoor temperature of 30°C and can achieve 25 m3 at an outdoor temperature of 40°C. So the Xarios 500 is perfectly dimensioned for the FlexBox refrigerated box body. The built-in cooling unit cools both during the drive and when the vehicle is stationary.

Further benefits are provided by the extremely shallow evaporator, which is barely noticeable and therefore enables optimum payload. The brushless fan, which is equipped with the most modern electronics, operates very reliably and can boast a long working lifetime. Driver comfort is provided by the easy to operate control system in the driver’s cab as well as the low-noise operating volume. The Xarios 500 can be variably operated in road or standby mode. The unit is easy to access and can therefore be maintained with ease.

Non-slip – Load security is the top priority

As with all HUMBAUR FlexBoxes, load security is also the top priority in the refrigerated box. The interior is individually equipped with lashing rails, anchor strips and vertical cargo bar systems. Depending on customer wishes or requirements all conventional anchor strips (e.g. round hole, slot anchor, Airline rails, ...) can be mounted on the sidewalls of the FlexBox. An absolute highlight: HUMBAUR countersinks the slot anchor strips flush with the sidewalls.

Thereby the maximum exploitation of the loading area is ensured. All legal requirements pertaining to securing loads are covered. Whether pallets, CC containers, or boxes with fresh produce are being transported, the safety level is never ignored

The vehicle complies with the regulations for the transportation of foodstuffs.

Visit us at the 66th. IAA Commercial vehicle trade fair from 22. to 29. September 2016 in Hall 27, Stand F06, on the shared stand with Kögel.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Source: Humbaur