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Humbaur presents a wide range of trailers for the construction sector

Humbaur, one of Europe's largest trailer and vehicle body specialists, is set to showcase a large range of trailers for the construction sector, including some exciting new and redeveloped solutions, at bauma 2019. Products that will be on show at the trade fair range from a long materials trailer for passenger cars and a cable reel trailer, to a three-way tipper and a flatbed semi-trailer.


From 8 to 14 April, the trade fair centre in Munich-Riem will be transformed into a global hub for the construction sector, and Humbaur intends to seize this opportunity to share its innovative construction trailer solutions with international experts from the sector. Products available to see at stand FN.928/1 in bauma's outdoor area will include:

Flatbed semi-trailer HTS 40K

One of Humbaur's highlights for bauma 2019 is the flatbed semi-trailer HTS 40K. Its outstanding features include the very low loading height of 790 mm, optimum corrosion protection thanks to its fully hot-dip galvanised chassis, and an equipment provision that includes additional tie-down points.

The HTS 40K is equipped with a five-axle air-suspended flatbed chassis with ECAS electronically controlled air suspension. The five axles are composed of two trailing steering axles and three lift axles (two circuits). An EBS braking system in a 4S/3M configuration ensures safe driving; spring-loaded parking brakes are applied to axles 1, 2 and 3 when stationary. Three chassis levels are defined ex works: The flatbed is lowered onto support feet when loading and unloading to achieve optimal stability. In addition to the standard chassis height, there is also an off-road chassis height with additional ground clearance to protect the chassis and important parts of the trailer on uneven ground.

The Humbaur HTS 40K features a solid welded construction made of high-strength fine-grained steel; full-width crossbars ensure the highest level of stability. The rear offset along with the climbing aids provide a shallow ramp angle and thereby additional safety during loading and unloading.

Construction machinery transporter HBTZ Tridem

The HBTZ Tridem is a must-have for drivers who need to navigate crowded roads in order to transport construction machinery and materials. With its three axles, this flexible construction machinery transporter is easier to manoeuvre than a turntable trailer. The air suspension delivers excellent ride comfort and makes the vehicle easier to operate. This rigid-drawbar trailer also offers an extremely high payload and is suitable for both steel-wheeled and rubber-wheeled construction machinery. The HBTZ Tridem is compatible with a wide range of towing vehicles and also impresses when it comes to cost-effectiveness, offering lower maintenance costs overall than a turntable trailer, for instance.

Optional equipment for the trailer includes a trailing steering axle that makes the vehicle ideal for use on narrow routes and roads — and any professional driver knows what a benefit this is, no matter what their experience level. The low total length of the trailer also means that it is easier to obtain special permits.

With the Humbaur HBTZ Tridem in their fleet, contractors can take on lucrative jobs in urban areas without needing to contract external companies to transport goods and materials. The HBTZ Tridem also gives contractors a larger pool of potential drivers to choose from, and it is possible to reduce the environmental impact by raising the lift axle when the trailer is not under load — which also leads to a noticeable decrease in tyre wear and fuel consumption.

The HBTZ Tridem is available with technical total weights of either 24 t or 30 t. The internal length is approximately 7.2 m. The first axle is a lift axle, the second is a rigid axle and the third can be either a rigid axle or a trailing steering axle. The frame is a solid welded construction with crossbars for maximum stability. The trailer has a particularly low loading height of just 800 mm/900 mm. The ramps can be laterally adjusted and are equipped with a spring lifting mechanism. The bridge features hinged, removable aluminium side walls, the corner stanchions have a plug-in design.

Multifunction trailer HBT 10

The multifunction wheels-in HBT 10 has been completely overhauled and the new version will be unveiled at bauma 2019: The entire vehicle has been weight optimised; the weight of the chassis in particular has been reduced. This change delivers a significantly higher payload while maintaining the same total weight. The loading height of the HBT 10 has been reduced by around 60 mm and the ramps have been extended by 200 mm to create a significantly reduced ramp angle that makes loading and unloading easier.

The frame profile is another highlight of the new HBT 10, offering a wealth of lashing options. The geometric design of the profile allows for tension belts to be hooked into the frame profile even when the side walls are closed.  The corner stanchions at the front of the trailer have been optimised such that pallets loaded from the side can now be moved forwards all the way to the front wall.

Three-way tipper HTK 14

Humbaur's HTK three-way tippers have also been completely overhauled, and the HTK 14 will be on display at bauma 2019 to showcase the new features. The chassis for the three-way tipper has also been weight optimised, making heavier loads possible. In addition, the tipper now uses a lighter bridge as the basis, so the loading bridge is another area contributing to the weight reduction. The HTK 14 also features new axles.

The front wall of the three-way tipper now has a through-loading function and the tailgate features an automatic locking system that allows the tailgate to open when the tipper is tilted back. The trailer now comes as standard with spring-loaded cylinders and EBS braking system.

HTK 19 trade fair promotion

The largest of the Humbaur three-way tippers, the HTK 19, will be on show at bauma 2019 — in eye-catching yellow. There will be a promotion running at the trade fair that will give visitors the opportunity to win free use of the trailer for a year by entering a prize draw. Full details of the prize draw to win temporary use of the trailer will be announced at bauma 2019.

Cable reel trailer KTA

Construction workers can now breathe a sigh of relief because the Humbaur KTA cable reel trailer makes light work of extending and retracting cables. The loading frame can be operated by a single person, and there are no barriers to negotiate when fitting the cable reel, making the process simpler. An optional brake ensures that the cable does not unwind from the drum too quickly. In addition to the support at the rear, there are also sturdy telescopic crank supports at the front for stability.

The trailers in the KTA series from Humbaur are suitable for cable reels with a diameter of up to 2800 mm and a width of up to 1450 mm. The load capacity varies depending on the model and is between 2240 kg and 2700 kg. Both the chassis frame and the loading frame have an anti-warp design and have been hot-dip galvanised in an immersion bath to ensure they can withstand the strains imposed during daily use over a long service life. The cast towing ball head on the coupling and hitch and highly stable jockey wheel also ensure durability. The cable reel can be stored on the loading frame with zero play thanks to the dowel pin attachments — thus optimising the handling performance of the trailer.

HTL long material trailer

Professionals who choose a long materials trailer in the HTL series receive a stable high loader with a frame and chassis that are completely hot-dip galvanised. The tubular drawbar for the tandem trailer can be extended to three lengths (drawbar adjustable to 1800, 2350 and 3000 mm) and can be adjusted to suit transportation needs by just one person. No tools required! The total permissible weight varies from 2600 to 3500 kg, depending on the model. The superstructural parts can be combined with those from Humbaur trailers in the HT and HN series. The lashing rings that have been integrated into the V-shaped outer frame profile have a tensile force of 400 kg per lashing ring and have been tested by DEKRA. These features will help you to meet all of the requirements to safely transport long materials such as beams, pipes and other goods to a company premises, a building site or to your customers on an everyday basis.

Heavyweight duo at the trade fair

Among the co-exhibitors at the Humbaur stand in bauma's outdoor area is Humbaur sister company Kögel Trailer GmbH, offering a portfolio of truck trailers that are the ideal complement to Humbaur's heavy-duty range. We look forward to seeing you at stand FN.928/1.

Source: HUMBAUR GmbH