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Only a short hop to the loading area – the VW T6 through loading combination with low frame chassis impresses with low loading height

HUMBAUR FlexBox Systems optimise distribution transport


When the 66th. IAA Commercial vehicle trade fair opens its doors in Hannover from 22. to 29. September, HUMBAUR, one of the leading European trailer manufacturers will be presenting some wonderful innovations. The HUMBAUR Stand F06 in Hall 27 boasts 2,100 m² and at this IAA, distribution transport will be the focus. The newly developed FlexBox allows HUMBAUR to usher in a new era for CEP Services. Because this is where the action is in the logistics field. The market for CEP Services is booming. Flexible, efficient solutions are therefore much in demand, because there are three key words for modern logistic companies: quick – reliable – economic. All these boxes are ticked by HUMBAUR with the VW T6 through loading combination. A FlexBox is mounted on a low frame chassis in this cooperation with AL-KO. The motor vehicle is transformed into the perfect, individually constructed and well thought out transport system with the addition of a trailer which is also equipped with a FlexBox body and which is easy to operate. The ingenious twist here is the through loading possibility from the trailer into the loading area of the front vehicle, just like what has long been standard in the world of large truck pairings. The highly stable lightweight construction from PurAlu Sandwich panels enable a high payload with maximum robustness. The goods are easily transported into the large loading area over a comfortable low loading ramp (approx. 600 mm loading height). Variable, integrated systems provide the perfect securing for the load. The transport of packages, pallets, CC containers or general cargo will run smoothly with immediate effect.

Save time with the through loading system

What has been standard for a long time in large truck pairings is valid with immediate effect for transport vehicles in the distribution sector i.e. through loading of goods from the trailer into the box in the motor vehicle. A double wing door on the tail side of the box enables this. A few hand movements are all it takes to fold down the integrated drive over ramp from the FlexBox to the trailer, in order to load the motor vehicle simply. This is particularly suitable for roller containers. A low, hot dip galvanised tail portal simplifies loading and unloading. The ramp wall in the motor vehicle is adjustable and can be used also as a ramp flap in solo operation. The extremely low loading height of about 600 mm is very beneficial for the user. The shallow angle of the ramp simplifies the logistic workers task as well as saving time and energy. The sophisticated through loading system makes the entire trailer usable. Tedious uncoupling of the trailer is avoided and yet the motor vehicle is possible to use individually and variably. Loads with a total weight of 2,500 kg in the through loading trailer can be transported without problem, 1,000 kg of which are in the loading area of the motor vehicle.

PurAlu Sandwich panels robust & aging resistant

PurAlu Sandwich panels are also used in through loading combinations with low frames. They are a one piece construction and therefore extremely robust, aging resistant and vapour diffusion tight which is an excellent basis for a long lasting and stable Sandwich box. HUMBAUR has been specialised in lightweight construction for many years now and is now setting a further innovative standard. The PurAlu panels are constructed from 100 % CFC free Polyurethane foam core (abbr: PUR). The hard foam core ensures a high level of stability with its increased foam density. The total effect is strengthened by a two sided, robust and easy to maintain, aluminium cover layer, which is additionally coated with a Polyester varnish. The sandwich panels provide an excellent thermal insulation and protect the goods in the interior of the FlexBox optimally from temperature deviations and weather influences. Painted uniformly inside and out in white (RAL 9010) means the entire surface is easy to clean. Decals and varnishing are very easily applied to the PurAlu panels. The optional GRP roof is translucent which means that no additional lighting is necessary in the interior when on the road. The plywood floors of the boxes are very stable and are 15 mm thick in the box of the motor vehicle and 18 mm thick in the FlexBox body of the trailer.

Non-slip – Load security is the top priority

Load security is the top priority in HUMBAUR through loading combinations with low frames. The inner walls of both FlexBox bodies can be equipped individually with lashing rails, anchor strips and lashing points on walls and floor as well as horizontal and vertical cargo bar systems. Depending on customer wishes or requirements all conventional anchor strips e.g. round hole, slot anchor, Airline rails, ...) can be mounted on the sidewalls of the FlexBox. These can also be implemented for the safe locking of floor and roof bars. An absolute highlight: HUMBAUR countersinks the slot anchor strips flush with the sidewalls. Thereby the maximum exploitation of the loading area is ensured. Load securing with tensioning belts is guaranteed by integrated grooves in the floor frame profile. Slot nuts are used to ensure as many lashing points at the required spacing as desired are available. All legal requirements pertaining to securing loads are covered. Whether pallets, CC containers, single packages or fresh produce are being transported, the safety level is never ignored.

Driving comfort even with B/BE driving license

Logistic companies really appreciate the fact that the through loading combination with low frame, despite the large volume loading area, is permitted for drivers with drivers licenses class B resp. BE. The employees of the firm can therefore be deployed much more flexibly and in the case of bottlenecks or at peak times, it is much easier to recruit additional personnel. The rig also gets brownie points, not only for loading and unloading processes but the through loader with low frame on the basis of a VW T6 is also top of the range when it comes to driving comfort. The perfectly balanced rear axle unit with disc brakes impresses with excellent suspension comfort and superior driving dynamics. The Air Premium X2 full air suspension with automatic levelling adjustment stands out with its excellent suspension comfort. These technical refinements provide a comfortable and worry free driving experience. Another positive is that the VW T6 with box body but without a trailer, has no speed limitations and therefore supports just-in-time deliveries.

Visit us at the 66th. IAA Commercial vehicle trade fair from 22. to 29. September 2016 in Hall 27, Stand F06, on the shared stand with Kögel.

Source: Humbaur