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David Spoo, press speaker for Rototilt at NordBau 2023: “Rototilt enjoys being involved in this”

Press speaker for Rototilt at NordBau 2023
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Press speaker for Rototilt at NordBau 2023

IMAGE SOURCE: LECTURA Press, Aleksandra Jastrzab

LECTURA is currently at the NordBau 2023 trade fair reporting on news from the world of construction machinery. Listen to our live report from Start up Stage 2023, this time with David Spoo, press officer for Rototilt about sponsoring the Start Up Stage 2023 project.


Aleksandra Jastrzab: Why did you decide to sponsor our Start Up Stage?

David Spoo: Not me personally, as I said I do the press work for Rototilt, but LECTURA approached Wolfgang Vogel, the managing director of Rototilt Deutschland GmbH, to see if there was any interest and Rototilt and Wolfgang Vogel thought that was a very good idea. From Start Ups – they give something, they give something new, there are also established companies who can get new views on things. That's why Rototilt enjoys being involved in this, and whether Rototilt benefits from it, is actually of secondary importance; it's really about helping the new generation get on its feet.

AJ: You were with us all day today; you also took a look at the Start Up Stage - what are your impressions? 

DS: We were able to get to know it very well as part of the press tour and there was a kind of "speed dating", i.e., all the participating startups introduced themselves within two minutes and I have to say that everyone made very good use of this, so that after two minutes you already had an impression of what they were doing. So, I can't go into detail about individual ones now, but there were simply products there where I can say, yes, the construction industry can use that very, very well and that it is simply worth supporting for this reason. It was a good idea for LECTURA to set up this Start Up Stage and, as I could see, there were some very exciting young companies represented. Some I already knew, some I didn't, which means that I also gained knowledge and I think that also goes for every NordBau visitor. This is a nice event, and I would like it to be continued. 

AJ: Thank you very much for your time and the interview.

DS: Thank you.

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Source: LECTURA GmbH

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