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Dynapac – Your partner on the road ahead

Dynapac Road Construction Equipment attends Bauma China, showing our innovative design, high tech digital solutions and a new, strikingly modern, visual identity. Dynapac is showcasing a few of our most popular products on the Chinese market, designed specifically to suit the needs of our highly valued Chinese customers.

The lineup:


DYNAPAC SOIL COMPACTOR CA610D: A powerful single roller, built for the toughest compaction jobs. Fitted out with a 50mm drum shell, Cummins Tier II/III water cooled 6 cylinder engine and a space saving, transportation friendly design.


The new CC1200 generation VI is designed to meet the construction industry’s tough conditions with the operator in mind resulting in a robust, comfortable and modern machine for best compaction result. The new machine has a unique design with its cross-mounted engine in combination with an excellent visibility and massive casted forks with built-in flexible lifting/towing/tie down possibilities.

DYNAPAC TANDEM ASPHALT ROLLER CC950: A compact roller for smaller scale jobs. Equipped with vibration capabilities of up to (70 Hz) in the front drum and a static rear drum with shock mounts. Additionally the CC950 ha a 190 liter water tank, requiring fewer breaks due to fill-ups.

DYNAPAC TANDEM ASPHALT ROLLER CC6200VI: Dynapac is introducing the sixth generation tandem asphalt roller, the CC6200VI. The machine is extremely operator friendly, offering unmatched ease of operation, excellent maneuverability and highest quality compaction. The engines incorporate the latest emission reduction technology and performance is enhanced by high vibration frequency and an advanced water system, which takes reliability to a new level.

DYNAPAC TANDEM ASPHALT ROLLER CC6200 (JING 4): An efficient roller with a unique fuel saving EcoMode concept, saves money and keeps the environment clean. Designed specifically with easy maintenance in mind, it is sure to stay on track and produce high quality finishes.

DYNAPAC PNEUMATIC TYRED ROLLER CP275: A quiet and fuel efficient roller with a dual circuit breaking system, for extra safety when working on inclines. This roller will produce sealing and finishing of the highest quality.

CITY PAVER F1800W: A rule breaking City paver with a laying capacity of 350 t/h, using digital tools, suited for your needs, to be the highest efficiency paver on the market.

PAVER SD2550CS & SD2530CS: Two large pavers equipped with low profile screeds providing a central, safe and ergonomic workplace.  The strong auger system allows homogeneity of mixture, despite the high material throughput of up to 1100 tons per hour. A hydraulic anti-shock push roller avoids the typical marks on the surface due to truck docking. Finally, a flexilever offers fast and convenient change of screed angle for different layer thickness.


A fantastic range of light compaction equipment that is Designed to Perform, Built to Last!

The Dynapac Light range compliments our larger compaction equipment to get the job done where access is limited. We focus on every possible type of material to compact, through weight classes and different types of machines. Find out more about the equipment that will meet your light compaction needs at Bauma China.

Source: FAYAT Group