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EXTREME 365 – BLACK EDITION – round baler with variable chamber and geometry

EXTREME 365 is a baler with a variable chamber and geometry: a perfect balance between high performance and optimum collection quality. The machine has been designed to allow total freedom in terms of pressing and size, and can be easily managed by the operator through the Icon control unit, located in the tractor cab.


The Extreme boasts an innovative double rocker system that counteracts the hydraulic compression action: while the primary rocker determines the actual size of the bale centre chamber (max diameter: 90 cm), the secondary rocker automatically compensates for belt tension. The pressing of the bale only takes place when desired soft centre size has been reached: the hydraulic cylinders of the main belt tensioner exert the desired pressure on each of the successive layers, lending the bale the density, weight and compactness required. The machine is equipped with closed loop belts and an openable bottom.

During the harvest of noble products, the pressure of the forming chamber can be set to zero allowing the product to enter without pressing it, with the classic star formation. If the operation not provide the wrapping, Extreme 365 can use the Hard Exterior function, that presses the external part of the bale with a pressure of 210 bar. This creates an high durability bale, with lots of benefits: reduced air penetration, long storage time and better product health.

Among the other leading features of this Feraboli haymaking icon, the generous 2200 mm pick up is also worth mentioning. The pick up is composed of four elastic high-resistance steel tooth bars, specially designed for harvesting noble crops (e.g. alfalfa), and guarantees an orderly, consistent flow, gently yet rapidly harvesting the product, for excellent hourly averages.

The variable geometry of the machine allows the operator to change the size of the core of the bale in accordance with how damp the product is. The hydraulic management of the pressure ensures that the final pressing of the bale corresponds with user requirements.

There are 4 Feeding version:

-HT Alternative Paker

-HTR Rotary Feeder Cut

-HTC Rotary Feeder Cut with 13 knifes

-HTU Rotary Feeder Cut with 25 knifes


The Black Edition of the round baler is set apart from previous models, thanks to its new alternative power supply, available with or without cutting system, which allows the product to be brought into the chamber without damaging it. In addition, compared to other 365 balers (HTC / HTR / HTU), the Black Edition can also secure bales either with double twine or with netting.