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Film binding now available on KUHN FB 3135 round baler

Optimal silage quality at the lowest costs


The KUHN FB 3135 fixed chamber round baler is now available with film binding. This unique KUHN solution optimises silage quality at the lowest costs. The awarded system provides specific advantages in terms of bale protection during the transport from baler to wrapper. Moreover, several KUHN round balers, including the FB 3135, feature a factory fitted and EU-homologated drawbar for hitching inline wrappers. An ideal solution for farmers and contractors looking for optimal flexibility and productivity in their baling and wrapping operations.

KUHN film binding solutions

The KUHN TWIN-reel film binding system was first introduced in 2015 on the i-BIO+ baler-wrapper combination, in 2017 the FBP 3135 followed. Farmers all over the world have already experienced the advantages of this unique system. Now KUHN introduces this film binding option on the FB 3135 fixed chamber round baler. The KUHN patented* film binding system uses two regular 750 mm stretch-film rolls. It eliminates the need for special wide film, which simplifies film stocking for customers and reduces film binding costs by 37%. Film binding improves the silage quality, bale shape, stability and facilitates the opening of the bale.

Film binding costs reduced by 37%

Using regular wrapping film enables farmers to use a much higher pre-stretch ratio compared to conventional wide film binding systems. This reduces the film binding costs by 37% and extends the film roll change intervals by another 30%. The operator can change the rolls without having to lift and heavy, wide film rolls up onto the machine. The use of two 750 mm rolls overlapped reduces the start & end binding process time, and therefore film consumption per bale. Switching between film and net binding is easy; the net and film rollers stay at the machine. The stretched film, with tack between the layer, can take on damages without the risk of bursting bales or sliding of the film during baler-to-wrapper bale handling.

Factory fitted trailer coupling

The factory fitted and EU-homologated drawbar on the KUHN FB 3135 and 3130 and VB 3100 models enables hitching inline machines. Farmers and contractors can now choose to use the baler and wrapper in combination, or to use them separately, depending on their needs. When combining the baler with the KUHN RW 1810 self-loading wrapper, one can even create a fully automated combination machine suited for a one-man-operation.

Source: KUHN-Geldrop BV