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Fliegl OSPREY: Seeing clearly like an osprey

Innovative spotlight camera for perfect rear vision


Fliegl OSPREY is an innovative spotlight camera system, which combines LED-headlights with a 90° digital camera in one single compact piece and improves the security drastically while driving backwards. The two-in-one system, consisting of an internal mounted camera and the surrounding headlight, gets mounted onto the rear end of the vehicle and sends the pictures directly into the drivers cabin. Fliegl OSPREY provides a clear sight in the dark, eliminates dead angles, prevents accidenty and rises the safety in traffic and working processes — both in agriculture and logistics.

In comparison to constructionally separated headlights and cameras, Fliegl OSPREY provides a light beam and a camera angle with maximum coverage. That means, that there are no more invisible camera areas or blending effects. The 90° camera sends a well lit area behind the vehicle with a high quality, stable and low-delayed picture directly to the monitor. 

Fliegl OSPREY can also be used in traffic with ist ECE R23 certified 6W-version. Moreover, it offers powerful solutions for the use far away from public streets with the 20W and 40W-versions.

Fliegl OSPREY is not using infrared LEDs but high quality LEDs from CREE and OSRAM, which shine with their low power usage and highest light quality. The LEDs are built into the headlight with a reflector and a cooling system so that they are cooled down in the most effective way, which rises the life cycle (compared to other infrared LEDs from well-known manufacturers, who have a relatively low life cycle when used) and also does its part in sustainability. 

The emitted light has a daylight hue, colorfast and comfortable to the eye. The lightflow is 3480 Lumen (40W-version) with the brightness three times higher than 55 watt Halogen-headlights. Compared to camera systems using infrared LEDs which create a small spotlight area, Fliegl OSPREY creates a wide, well lit field thanks to its spread lenses. The complete area gets well lit with LED light, which also created a better picture in the dark.

Fliegl OSPREY has a built-in, small and robust 90° digital camera. The camera angle offers an optimized picture of the rear area and a good sight into the back. The camera lens, made out of polycarbonide, is very robust. The back-shifted lens in a frame protects the camera from reflexions and other blending effects as well as dirt or similar pollutions. The stable chassis made from aluminium provides a great protection and an optimized heat absorption.

Of course, Fliegl OSPREY is ISOBUS-compatible and can be mounted onto every tractor or agricultural trailer and even trucks with a power outlet of 10 to 30 volts. The used M12-cable with Deutsch-connector can be upgraded with a utility cable with two seven-poled power outlets. The system can be mounted in a standing, as well as a hanging position, thanks to an additional bracket. Fliegl OSPREY meets all requirements for the protection class IP69K, which means it is protected against water and dust and can be cleaned effortlessly with a high pressure cleaner or a steam jet.

Source: Fliegl Agro-Center GmbH