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Fliegl roof pillar Roof non-elastic: absolutely straight lines & no crooked deals

Fliegl relies on sustainable vehicle concepts which are well thought out in every detail and make companies even more profitable. Practicality is paramount, because optimum handling is of the essence.


One tried and tested highlight: Fliegl equips its curtain-side trailers with a completely new top spar which is guaranteed not to sag. “We use innovative pressing and rolling tools to give the roof pillar maximum stability,” says Managing Director Helmut Fliegl. “Zero sag means a consistent admission height over the entire vehicle length. In this way, we greatly simplify loading and unloading, prevent damage to the trailer, forklift and load and make loading processes safer and much faster.”

Comparisons with competitor systems have shown that conventional roof pillars sag by as much as 210 mm after the tarpaulin is opened and the stanchions are unlocked. This considerably restricts access to the load space and means incalculable and risky manoeuvres for forklift drivers. Instead of smooth and efficient handling of trucks, personnel are forced to play Tetris with pallet cages until all load carriers are in the right position. In combination with the Eco Lift lifting roof, Fliegl’s new Roof non-elastic ensures an admission height of between 3140 and 3240 mm – over the entire length of the vehicle and without restriction caused by a sagging top spar.

Roof non elastic is a high-strength aluminium roof pillar that optimises loading and unloading, efficiency and work safety in logistics. It also has a positive effect on body stability and thus on securing cargo and road safety. Roof non-elastic steers clear of lazy compromises.

Fliegl exclusive: Each individual axle of every trailer is calibrated by laser. The trailers run with exact tracking, no unnecessary tyre wear and lower fuel consumption. Trailer efficiency defined by Fliegl. From roof to wheels: well thought out vehicle concepts from start to finish. 

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH