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Fliegl’s “Asphaltprofi Thermo“

Fliegl’s “Asphaltprofi Thermo“ is first choice for German cities and communities

Whether it’s building a new highway through a tunnel or renewing the surface of a tree-lined road, not only in these two situations the Fliegl “Asphaltprofi Thermo” has proven itself. Its ingenious combination of thermo-insulated body and push-off technology enables a quantum leap in terms of installation quality. This has been confirmed by several studies which were carried out, amongst others, by the Technical Universities of Darmstadt, Vienna and Braunschweig and the Upper Austrian provincial government. Numerous cities such as Berlin, Munich, Essen, Karlsruhe and Heidelberg have already adapted their requirements for asphalt delivery in public tenders to this standard.

Ideal conditions for road construction such as a sunny, windless summer day with temperatures between 25 and 30°C and a maximum distance between the mixing plant and the construction site of 30 minutes are rare. Asphalt paving often has to be done under less favorable circumstances.

Using conventional thermo-insulated transport vehicles is sometimes associated with massive quality losses.

“Asphaltprofi Thermo“


The reason for this is the so-called "thermal segregation". Even in insulated truck bodies, a cold layer forms in the upper area. Ironically, this cold layer slides into the paver first. The Fliegl “Asphaltprofi Thermo” solves this problem. Due to the permanent mixing of the asphalt, its consistency is evenly tempered. When the butimous mix is supplied to the asphalt finisher immediately after docking, the bit-by-bit and at any time metered transfer of the mix to the finisher begins. The push-off process also leads to a perfect mixing of the asphalt during unloading and thus to a continuous homogeneity of the mix. As a result, the installation of demixed asphalt is largely reduced and the quality requirements are easily met. The executing construction companies thus gain safety by using the push-off technology. The mix is delivered hot and homogenous enough so that the required degree of compaction can be achieved at all times. Thus, contractual penalties or fines can be avoided.

The temperature fluctuations behind the paving screed are substantially lower. This makes the asphalt well-compactible and it can be installed evenly.

The “Fliegl Asphaltprofi Thermo“ is also an intelligent solution for difficult asphalt paving situations. Trees, overhead power lines, bridges and tunnels pose no problem. The unloading process also works in ceiling heights where dump trucks soon reach their limits. Pushing-off instead of tipping also means greater safety – where nothing is tilted, nothing can tip over.

Another advantage is the residue-free emptying of the container during the push-off process. Time-consuming cleaning work in the container can be avoided even with very sticky mixtures.

The additional costs in terms of machinery investment are negligible and amount to only 1.2 to 6‰ of the asphalt building costs. It is worth it to compare theses extra costs with the considerably higher costs for later complaints. Good quality costs money. Poor-quality building is much more expensive. In terms of advantages, the “Asphaltprofi Thermo” scores with  

  • Significantly higher paving quality and considerably longer durability of asphalt pavements

  • Even asphalt paving with push-off technology – also in urban environments, underpasses, avenues, gantries and traffic control  systems

  • Higher paving performance – more meters per day

  • Shorter turnaround times due to low load center

  • Trouble-free paving of sensitive coverings (OPA, PMA, DSHV, PmB etc.)

Haulage firms or subcontractors which use vehicles with a push-off function score with their customers, the executing construction companies, with convincing arguments. They are able to prevent expensive claims for damages by using the push-off technology and are available to authorities as reliable partners in public procurement procedures. Fliegl‘s “Asphaltprofi Thermo” is not only an innovation in asphalt building but also a useful investment.

Source: Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH