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Fliegl takes over brochard constructeur

With effect from, 8 th July 2019, Fliegl takes over the business of BROCHARD Constructeur.


BROCHARD Constructeur produces a wide range of spreaders, trailers and transfer systems in Beaulieu Sous La Roche (France).The company drew attention in the summer of 2014, when a world record was set in dung spreading: 42.170 dt of stables were distributed to 221.8 hectares within 24 hours.


While the push-off technique has become more and more established due to its many applications and also the scraper floor technology is also been used with the pre- production Overloading Vehicle Buffalo, Fliegl's takeover of Brochard Constructeur is the next step in a complementary segment of UNIVERSALSPREADER. "With Brochard expands our product range in Germany and on international markets. This fusion willhelp to expand our entire range of services and to establish us even more in France,& says Josef Fliegl, CEO of Fliegl Agrartechnik.In the course of an increasing proportion of organic farming, sustainable animal welfareand internationally different methods for nutrient transfer from the stable to the field, thesolid components are becoming more and more important alongside manure.


In terms of quality, workmanship and components, the products will be adapted to Fliegl. Alain BELLION has been an integral part of the Brochard Constucteur team for manyyears. Mr. Bellion will be involved as a technical sales director at the new company andwill be bring his experience in the project. His area of ​​responsibility includes mainly thetechnical development, implementation of the Fliegl standards in the existing sales program. Mr. Bellion will also be responsible for production management and technical sales support.

Furthermore, in a separate production line, spreaders with vertical and horizontal spreading technology will be produced under the name Fliegl. These are then distributed via the Fliegl trading network, both on the domestic market of Germany and internationally. The first models will be presented at the AGRITECHNICA 2019 in Hannover.

Source: Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH