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For more comfort and a good mood when working

The STIHL ear protectors DYNAMIC BT with Bluetooth function


To protect users of gasoline-powered tools from engine noises in the forest, in agriculture or in the garden, hearing protection is essential. With the DYNAMIC BT, STIHL offers not only comfortable ear protectors with a high insulating value (SNR 29), but also ensures a good mood while working, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth function as it allows the user to stream music wirelessly via his smartphone for example, or to make telephone calls – without having to hold the smartphone. The DYNAMIC BT ear protectors are available both on their own, as well as in a set with a nylon visor or a face shield, and draw power from a lithium-ion battery with an extremely long operating time. The Bluetooth range is ten meters, and if required a separate AUX input allows devices without Bluetooth to be connected, such as an MP3 player for example. And wet environments are also no problem, since the ear protectors and the battery are protected against moisture.

Source: The STIHL Group