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GA 13031 Gyrorake with 4 rotors

Simplicity and output are the underlying principles of KUHN’s new 4-rotor GA. The GA 13031 increases the product offer that includes GA 13131 and GA 15131 models. Working width is adjustable between 8.40 and 12.50m making it the perfect tool for high work output.


100% hydraulic rotor drive, exclusive in the KUHN range, reduces lengthy maintenance and greasing operations. No more daily greasing of secondary drive shafts. Time savings on maintenance of up to an hour are possible compared to a design with mechanical rotor drive.

MASTERDRIVE G3 rotors ensures longevity on a machine that works in heavy and dense forage year after year. Contrary to the GA 13131 which is controlled with an ISOBUS terminal, all folding/unfolding, working-width and windrow-width adjustments are made with the tractor’s hydraulic valve making operations extremely simple. 

With 3-D rotor articulation, suspension springs on the front rotors, and wheels close to the tines, the 4 rotors provide excellent ground contour following. This limits the amount of forage incorporated into the windrow to prevent damage to the sward and preserve the quality of the crop.

Road travel is not an issue. Transport width is only 3m and height less than 4m, without having to remove any arms.

Source: KUHN S.A.