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GA 6930 and GA 7530 Gyrorakes with side delivery

GA 6930 and GA 7530 models complete the range of semi-mounted rakes with side delivery. Working widths reach 6.8 m and 7.4 m respectively in « two windrow » position.  They are simple, practical and highly versatile machines, designed principally for the requirements of medium and large farms.


A wide range of optional equipment allows farmers to perfectly adapt and configure the machine to suit their specific farm conditions:  1 or 2 windrows (standard on GA 7530), hydraulic windrow curtain, windrow curtain for front rotor in order to work in « 2-windrow » position, individual rotor-lift, large transport wheels, tandem axle …

GA 6930 and GA 7530 tools are extremely reliable, even in dense and heavy forage. This is due to the MASTERDRIVE gearbox with double reduction that is tried and tested and can handle increasingly-intensive operating needs.

The high frame design of these rakes enables fast rotor lift for headland turns. Considerable under-rotor clearance prevents damage to windrows already formed.

The attachment point of the rotor has been optimised to make the rear rotor touch down first. This « jet-effect » protects the sward.  

3-D rotor articulation and wheels positioned as close to the tines as possible allow the tool to follow ground contours perfectly and rake neatly. These are factors that contribute to harvesting high quality forage.

Another KUHN exclusive is the STABIDRIVE system that ensures great machine stability on slopes and bends.

Source: KUHN S.A.