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HORSCH ATP Control for an intelligent and automatic control of the tyre pressure in the plant protection sector

The task of HORSCH ATP (Adaptive Tyre Pressure) Control is to align soil conservation and efficient plant protection. For if plant protection measures are carried out on time in optimum weather conditions the farmer often has to put up with unfavourable soil conditions – with the current tank sizes this can be quite a challenge with regard to compaction.


The challenge in plant protection is the changing pressure requirement of the tyre for different speeds on the road or in the field depending on the tank level. In this respect, different pressures on the road and in the field and thus different contact areas depending on the tank level, are necessary to avoid deep tracks in the field and to guarantee a high extent of driving safety on the road. The new ATP Control system allows for automatically controlling the tyre inflation pressure via an ISOBUS terminal depending on the tank level and the different parameters resulting from driving on the road or in the field. Thus for every driving situation in the field as well as on the road the optimum tyre inflation pressure is set automatically and easily.

Source: HORSCH


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