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HORSCH presents new self-propelled sprayers Leeb 6.300 PT and 8.300 PT

The highlights of the new self-propelled HORSCH Leeb PT plant protection sprayers are flexibility, maximum comfort and precise application.


The flexibility manifests itself in different tank sizes and materials, in the drive, but also with regard to the ground clearance. Due to the ComfortDrive chassis concept, the driving comfort reaches a completely new level.

A lot of fine-tuning measures were carried out at the new HORSCH Leeb PT. What remained is the excellent, unique and award-winning boom control system BoomControl – but now in boom widths up to 42 m and also up to 42 sections.

The ComfortDrive chassis with central frame and hydro-pneumatically spring-loaded individual wheel suspension with an active level regulation is a completely new development. This results in an excellent driving comfort on the road, in the field and on slopes. Depending on the customer requirements two versions of the wheel hub drive are available – both, of course, disposing of all technical finesses like an automatically load- dependent controlled stepless drive and an anti-slip control.

The concept of the front cabin was maintained to guarantee an optimised weight distribution. The cabin is completely new with an excellent view and a new spatial concept. For the development of the new armrest ErgoControl the focus was on a simple, safe and comfortable handling of all functions of the PT. To guarantee a maximum user protection the spacious cabin is category 4 compatible.

The new Tier 5 motor is environmentally friendly, due to the most current exhaust standard, has a power of 310hp and optimally fits into the Leeb PT concept.

The flexibility and the influence of different customer requirements are also reflected in the tank capacity and the tank material. Two tanks will be available: a 6,000-litre tank made of polyethylene and a 8,000-litre tank made of stainless steel. Both versions are equipped with the continuous inside cleaning system CCS Pro which can be operated comfortably from the cabin and the automatic washing program.

With a filling output of 1,000 litre per minute the stainless steel rotary pump guarantees high efficiency.

With all these features and the new technology platform the Leeb PTs herald a new generation of self-propelled sprayers.

Source: HORSCH Maschinen GmbH