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KEMROC Schönberger Injector

In-situ Process for Creating Soil / Cement Structures

KEMROC introduces the innovative SCHÖKEM Process for the creation of soil / cement structures at the world’s largest construction exhibition, bauma 2019 in Munich. The core piece of equipment in this process is the KEMROC Schönberger Injector (KSI), a mixer attachment for use on middle sized excavators.


The highlight of KEMROC’s exhibit at bauma 2019 in Munich will be the massive, 5 m long KEMROC Schönberger Injector (KSI 5.000), the attachment at the core of the SCHÖKEM Process for the creation of in-situ soil / cement structures. Designed for use on middle sized hydraulic excavators, the powerful attachment is at the heart of the mixing process. Cement in a binder solution is injected into the soil and mixed in-situ, without any need for expensive shoring or transport costs for soil replacement.  This creates a stable, impermeable soil / cement foundation with a compressive strength of 3 – 4 MPa depending on soil type and binder content. The larger model in the range, the KSI 10,000, reaches mixing depths down to 10 m.

The innovative SCHÖKEM process, developed jointly by KEMROC and specialists of Schönberger Bau GmbH, is based on a well-known procedure for the stabilisation of soils and the production of soil / cement structures – the DIN standardised grinding – mixing – injection method for deep soil stabilisation (FMI). The soil / cement structures created in this way are homogenous, impermeable, frost proof and crack-free. Typical applications include transport infrastructure, sealing contaminated areas and in flood defences. In all cases, the SCHÖKEM process saves money by minimizing or eliminating the transport of excavated and backfill materials.


Source: Kemroc