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Infinite versatility non-stop

New Strautmann conveyor belt wagon "Aperion"


With an innovative vehicle concept, Strautmann extends its product portfolio in the field of transport technology.

Strautmann is presenting a completely newly developed vehicle for universal use in transport technology - the conveyor belt wagon Aperion - to the visitors of the Agritechnica 2015. The special und unique feature of the Aperion is a continuous conveyor belt which completely empties the cargo space in next to no time. Thus, an additional multi-function vehicle concept rounds off the field of bulk material transport also comprising tipping trailers and forage transport wagons.

The conveyor belt wagon Aperion - the name being derived from the Greek term for "infinite" referring to the infinite conveyor - is a transport vehicle for almost all agricultural materials. The machine enables all-season use from spring to winter. Wood chips, chopped silage or grain can be as efficiently transported as rape, root crops or even packaged goods like big bags or pallets.

The heart of the vehicle is the continuous 2100 mm wide and 10 mm strong rubber conveyor. More than 30 carrying and supporting rollers ensure optimum support of the conveyor and guarantee easy discharge. The conveyor is hydraulically powered by means of a rubber-coated drum at the rear and permanently automatically tensioned by means of the front return roller. Thus, a front panel which has to be pulled along during discharge is no longer required.

The side panels of the body consist of plastic panels reinforced by glass fibre and resting on robust stanchions on the outside, ensuring a smooth interior such that no residues are left in the cargo space during discharge. The even, thermally isolating surface on the inside of the body guarantees gentle transport of sensitive materials such as potatoes or beets even in the winter.

For materials of low specific weight to be transported, the transport volume can be extended by means of extensions with a height of 700 mm without any problems.

Furthermore, the body can be equipped with optional beaters for use as a forage transport wagon. Two mechanically powered beaters evenly discharge the transported material on the clamp. When not in use, the entire beater unit can be completely removed in next to no time.

The frame of the Aperion is galvanised for optimum protection against corrosion and equipped with a hydraulic Strautmann chassis and BPW axles. The chassis can be fitted with an optional suspension. The drawbar is optionally equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic suspension and has a very slim design, thus enabling maximum steering angles.

In the future, the body of the conveyor belt wagon will also be available as a swap body such that it can be operated on the same chassis together with a manure spreader body. Thus, the utilisation rate can still be increased.

The Aperion conveyor belt wagon is available in two sizes: The Aperion 2401 is equipped with a tandem chassis for a total weight of 24 t and has a loading capacity of 28 m³ which can be increased to 42 m³ by optional extensions. The larger Aperion model 3401 is fitted with a tridem chassis with a total weight of 34 t and electro-hydraulic forced steering. The basic model Aperion 3401 has a loading capacity of 35 m³. The optional extensions enable a capacity increase up to 52 m³.

At the Agritechnica 2015, visitors of the Strautmann stand G30 in hall 27 will have the opportunity to convince themselves of the almost infinite versatility of the Aperion conveyor belt wagon.

Source: B. Strautmann & Söhne GmbH u. Co KG