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INNOVATING FOR YOU - Fliegl Trailer places emphasis on utility trailers at the 65th IAA for utility vehicles

Economic, ecological and practical – it is in these areas that Fliegl will be presenting its 2014 IAA exhibition fleet of utility vehicles with future potential.
The exhibition stand hall 27/C29 and the open area K22 will be used, from 25th September to 2nd October, as a showroom for the completely new, revised down to the last detail, well conceived trailer from the modern Fliegl mass production.

Vario Containerchassis V2+


One of the main focal points is the further development of Vario Chassis V2, based on intensively evaluated experience gained over previous years. The result is a significant plus for the demanding container transport business: The Vario Chassis V2+. A whole load of innovative ideas and forward-looking revisions have turned the trailer into a de-facto new vehicle – with significantly better values of stability, flexibility, user comfort and durability.

  • Telescopic operation with Tele Control for secure and easy control with a single action
  • Adjustable front extension boom arms with disk springs and duplex controls, with bolts on both sides that are opened and closed at the same time via a lever
  • Universal front locking system for containers without a tunnel, 40 foot high cube container and 45 foot container with long tunnel
  • Rear extension boom arms with rubber lined guide shaft for extra grip and additional suspension effect and reinforced, bolted exchangeable spring locks with extra large bolts
  • Heavy block extended towards the rear, for optimum protection of light units
  • Underride guard made of rust free galvanized steel
  • Light cover made of rust free stainless steel
  • Support foot set further back for more freedom when manoeuvring the tractor unit
  • Positioning lights on the outside of the frame

With the Vario Chassis V2+ Fliegl heralds in a new era in container logistics at the IAA. Optimized in every way for stability, handling and efficiency.

Asphaltprofi Thermo

The newly designed Asphaltprofi Thermo is one of the product highlights on the IAA 2014, Fliegl's concept for the future of road construction – a dumper that, without problems, fulfils the legal requirements of a thermo-vehicle. From 2015 the use of temperature controlled vehicles for federal road and highway construction becomes mandatory in Germany.

Fliegl isotherm is used as insulation material, a light material that is applied to the outside of the tipping body completely covering it. With this application the Fliegl dumper achieves complete insulation. There are no exposed ribs or cold spots. The trough of the Asphaltprofi Thermo from Fliegl attains top insulation values: The resistance to thermal transfer is over R 2.5 K•m2/W (at 20° Celsius), which is approximately 150% above the legal requirement. The Asphaltprofi Thermo from Fliegl maintains a high temperature – for the best degree of compaction and paving quality of the asphalt.

Optimal dumping characteristics are guaranteed by the conical trough construction. It is wider down below. The corners on the inside of the trough are rounded off, the tail gate has a slight outward curvature. Even glutinous and sticky materials can easily be unloaded. Hanging residues are greatly reduced, so that the trough does not need to be cleaned manually and so during the next transport the entire loading space is available without restriction.

RoadRunner and MegaRunner - Fliegl's new generation of curtain sided semi-trailers

With a number of modified fitted elements and well designed detailed solutions, Fliegl presents its new generation of curtain sided semi-trailers at the IAA. Above all in the areas of handling, practical use, weight and safety the revised trailers collect additional plus points. Fliegl exhibits the MegaRunner and the RoadRunner Coil Greenlight in lightweight configuration as representatives of the new curtain siders at the IAA.

Fliegl services the high demand for robust, economic and variable utility vehicles with the Greenlight series. Using the new, weight-optimized Greenlight trailers, reduced fuel consumption diesel costs and CO2 emissions. Carriers benefit from increased long-term efficiency and more effective transport fleet utilization. The RoadRunner Greenlight Coil is available from an unladen weight of about 6000 kilograms. Fliegls Greenlight series can carry a payload of up to 28 tonnes and a cargo plus of up to 800 kilograms when compared to models of other manufacturers. The new coil cap is now available with for example 15% less weight. It consists of a reduced number of individual cap modules, which can be lifted with little effort. The trailer has new 80 x 50 mm thick Coil supports to securely fix down the load. They save weight and can be universally deployed, for example in the stanchion pockets on the outer frame. Depending on requirements they can also be slotted into each other and to attain double the height.

Because of the optimized cargo capacity of the Fliegl Greenlight series the payload can be significantly increased. This means a clear increase in efficiency per trailer and delivery trip as well as attractive savings on fuel and operating costs.

Fliegl's MegaRunner is firmly established among the big runners in the harsh daily business of goods transport. Robust chassis with high load capacities and stable superstructures are the well designed combinations that qualifies this semi-trailer for demanding operating conditions. In addition to its internal height of up to three meters its stands out with its low unladen weight: With an unladen weight of less than six tonnes you can attain top payload values against the competition. The stable mechanical lifting roof is available in two driving heights.

The IAA MegaRunner is equipped with the Fliegl Quick Lock System, which makes it even more efficient and economically competitive. The completely mechanical tarpaulin central locking system is ideal for semi-trailers, which are loaded and unloaded several times a day. The principle: A shaft with hooks is mounted under the loading platform. Loops on the tarpaulin fasteners are simply located into the hooks, then by means of a centrally mounted lever in the vehicle, the shaft is rotated, the hooks then pull the loops downwards, bringing the tarpaulin under tension. Prior to unloading all fastenings can also be opened in one operation, simply by rotating the shaft in the opposite direction: All fastenings fall from their hooks and the tarpaulin can immediately be moved. In this way the Quick Lock system delivers a time savings of up to 50% by opening and 33% when you close it - the functional and uncomplicated handling reduces the standing time of the curtain sided semi-trailer to a minimum.

Another feature with an innovative character is the Free Load system from Fliegl, that has revolutionized the loading and unloading of curtain sided semi-trailers: The open tarpaulin and the sliding stanchions are folded over the rear of the MegaRunner, so that the entire load width can be used without any restrictions. The Free Load system can be operated with a few simple motions, it brings however an immense advantage over conventional curtain sided semi-trailers. Loading and unloading are significantly simplified, made safer and take less time to complete, particularly in the case of large and bulky goods.

Tri-axle Pushing-floor Trailer

Pushing-off instead of dumping is Fliegls concept for exact, fast and complete emptying of bulk goods. It does not matter if it is sand, quartz, sludge, waste materials, wood or agricultural products – sliding floor vehicles from Fliegl can be flexibly deployed. They are designed for roads and fields, but can also be used for the transport of pallet goods or general cargo and because of their versatility can prevent unnecessary empty journeys.

Fliegl's pushing floor was successful because of high quality, stability and practicality. The trough has fully welded 600 millimetre wide side walls made from abrasion-resistant aluminium. Because the interior walls are smooth, the cargo can be unloaded without leaving any residue. This is also the purpose of the sliding wall with reinforced overlapping tarpaulin on the underside that moves with the floor. The pushing floor is made of a 6 mm thick profile with a ribbed finish. The double-wing tailgate is manufactured from aluminium profile - for optimal durability and a long service life. It is surrounded with a special U-profile, is closed by a mechanical safety interlock and, in response to customer requests, is now fitted with locked fasteners made from stainless steel.

Particularly practical and safe: The stand of the Fliegl pushing floor semi-trailer is fitted as standard with a ladder on both sides for opening and closing the roll-up roof tarpaulin. Also standard are the side lashing lugs and brackets for mounting a corn discharge hopper at the rear.

Steered Dolly

You will not find an easier one in the utility vehicle market. The steered dolly from Fliegl trailer weighs up to 30% less than models from other manufacturers - this corresponds to up to 1000 kilograms.

In combination with a truck equipped with a swap body trailer and the new weight-optimized Fliegl curtain sided semi-trailer, which in comparison with the competition is also approximately 1000 kilograms lighter, the resulting road train can transport approximately 2000 kilograms more cargo.

The customer benefits from over 10% more payload (approx. 19,500 kilograms instead of approx. 17,500 kilograms). A considerable added value, especially for example in Germany, considering the limited permissible gross vehicle weight of long-trucks (40 tonnes or 44 tonnes in combined transport). Especially for the automotive industry, with the importance of an optimal environmental balance in their production processes, these extremely lightweight combinations with steered dolly and new Fliegl curtain sided semi-trailer represent an economically and ecologically attractive trailer concept.

Another special feature is the well designed steering mechanism of the Fliegl dollys. The horizontally swivelling tow bar is equipped with hydraulic cylinders, that apply pressure to the vehicle on the outside of curves. Advantages of this construction: They are technically uncomplicated, not susceptible to failures, low wear and tear and low maintenance. In this way Fliegl's dollys lower operating costs and make a clever connection between HGV and semi-trailer.

Chemical Container Chassis

Sensitive goods require secure and reliable transport methods. For this Fliegl has designed the tri-axle container chassis light, the only one with an unladen weight of less than 3 tonnes. The customer profits from a considerable plus regarding payload, economy and environmental friendliness. Over the years Fliegl has continually developed its lightweight construction. The basic construction and load bearing elements remain unchanged. Innovative construction materials and new technical innovations are crucial factors for weight reduction.

The low unladen weight of the tri-axle chemical chassis light, allows Fliegl to make a comprehensive ADR offer. Hose holders, drip trays, stainless steel collecting troughs, earthing straps and 385/65R22.5'' tyres are all available as standard equipment. Lift axles, earth cables, winches and other equipment are available as optional extras. The focus of the vehicle's composition is governed by the guidelines and requirements of the customer. Fliegl customizes the vehicle exactly to its intended purpose.

Tandem - Three Way Dumper

Fliegl three-way tippers have a galvanized chassis made of high-strength steel, reinforced leaf springs with damping, large-sized axles, rear underride protection and transmission support feet. Apart from this the Fliegl dumper has a massive 4 millimetre steel plate bottom, and tight-fitting steel side panels. The dumper is equipped with central locking on all three sides as standard.

Despite its low loading height the trailer offers good ground clearance. Fliegl installs a low-maintenance leaf spring assembly and spring saddles with silent bushes.

The draw bar of the dumping trailers can be smoothly adjusted by up to 300 millimetres in its height and so can be matched exactly to the coupling height of the tractor unit. The three way tipping mechanism allows a maximum tipping angle of 47 degrees to the back and 52 degrees to the side. The low pressure hydraulic system ensures fast and secure dumping, lighting and electrical equipment is optimally protected and the continuous pivot shaft increases the stability while dumping.

For theft-proof storage of the drive-on ramps there is an integrated locking compartment under the loading area.

Even with a heavy load the dumper trailer from Fliegl stands safely at any time - thanks to the massive supports the rear. It is easily unlocked with a simple tap on the spring bar and is immediately available for use.

Tri-axle Low Loader Trailer

The latest generation of low loader trailers from Fliegl are impressive with forward-looking ideas and well designed detailed solutions, that make the transport of construction plant, machinery and vehicles even safer, more economic and practical.

For less wear and tear and lower repair costs Fliegl has positioned the lighting system for all low loader trailers higher at the rear. In this way they are optimally protected from possible damage during maneuvers. Something similar has been carried out with the coated steel tube, the long straight enclosed space below the loading area is used as a hydraulic line.

Fliegl has also introduced new features for load securing: All low loader trailers are equipped with two pairs of additional lashing lugs recessed in the side member. The stanchion pockets in the outer frame have another plus regarding flexibility: With the help of scew-in eyelets they can easily be converted to lashing lugs. In addition the outer frame of the low loader trailer has been modified: Lashing studs that can take 10 tons of tractive force are located on the top, allowing heavy equipment and machinery to be more safely and conveniently secured with chains.

There is a new purpose built ramp suspension. Both ramps are equipped with a separate ramp shaft, so that if necessary it can easily be removed. The rear support has been offset to the outside. Advantages: Improved easier handling. The warning sign holders and the outer ramp profile have also been improved as standard.

“Future movement” for utility vehicles at the 65th IAA at Hannover: With the trailer program from Fliegl on exhibition stand hall 27/C29 and the open air area K22.

Your IAA exhibition contact for additional information or questions:
Tina Böttcher, Marketing, Tel: +49 (0) 36482 830 218

Source: Fliegl