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Intermat Innovation Awards 2018: Supporting innovation in a growing sector

With 80% of visitors claiming that their main objective at the trade show INTERMAT1 is to discover new products, innovation is a key lever for the construction and infrastructure sector.


A platform for the revelation of innovative solutions on the market, INTERMAT Paris 2018 will bring together all the international players from the realms of construction and infrastructure who have entered the INTERMAT Innovation Awards. This competition, chaired by FNTP2, will acknowledge the latest equipment, technology, services and products in construction and infrastructure.

The 2018 edition will have a brand new judging panel comprising experts from European construction firms and will be divided up into four categories corresponding to the new sector organisation of the show and four additional special awards. Exhibitors have until 2 October 2017 to submit their entries.

“Intermat reasserts the importance of research and development and supports the innovations contributing to market success in the construction and infrastructure sector. The 2018 edition aims to reveal the new technologies currently emerging which contribute to meeting the challenges of regional development,” says Isabelle Alfano, Director of INTERMAT.

Through their innovations, candidates will improve equipment performance and user safety in a perspective of optimising productivity whilst being environmentally responsible. These innovations will compete in the various categories reflecting the four hubs of expertise at the show: Earthmoving & Demolition, Roads, Minerals & Foundations, Buildings & Concrete Sector and Lifting, Handling & Transportation. To be selected, entries will be judged on five specific criteria:

  • Cost efficiency: lower investment and maintenance costs, easier maintenance, improvement of production system and enhanced use of products or techniques,

  • Technical design and technologies used: improvement of performance and productivity, ease of maintenance,

  • Operation: work quality, productivity improvements, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency,

  • Use: ease of use, user-friendly, comfortable, safe and improved working conditions and risk prevention

  • Environmental protection : protection of the climate and biodiversity, to promote the circular economy

A new prestigious judging panel and 12 exclusive awards presented

To examine entries, the INTERMAT Innovation Awards call on a judging panel made up of European specialists from research and the construction industry. Also with the participation of FNTP and under the chairmanship of Bruno Cavagné, these specialists will award the prizes for “Equipment and Machinery” and “Components and Accessories” in the four sectors at INTERMAT Paris, and four additional exclusive awards: “Digital Transition”, “Energy Transition”, “World of Concrete Europe” and “Start-Up”.

The results will be officially announced three months before the show at Pre-Intermat. The awards ceremony, scheduled for 18 January 2018, will be an opportunity to bring together all of the players who innovate for the benefit of construction and infrastructure. 

Source: COMEXPOSIUM Group; Rumeur Publique