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JOSKIN pushes the extreme limits!

It is official, a flagship from the JOSKIN range has just been upgraded. From now on, the X-TREM2 will replace the X-TREM slurry tanker. Based on the brand’s know-how and technical developments, the Belgian company’s engineers set themselves the challenge to further upgrade the strengths of this tanker’s first version... It seems like they managed it! Let us see together.


For those who remember it, when the “X-TREM” slurry tanker was released in 2010, it was immediately perceived as a small revolution in the agricultural world. For the first time, contractors could benefit from a tanker combining a high-capacity tank, an unparalleled manoeuvrability and large-diameter wheels for a low ground compaction when spreading. All these advantages were resting on an innovative design: the tank was placed on an independent chassis with an ingenious narrowing. The 900 mm chassis at the front and at the back was only 760 mm at the wheels level! It was therefore possible to fit 850 mm wide wheels without limiting the turning angle of the steering axle nor exceeding a 3-m total width (2.9 m with 800/60R32 wheels or 3 m with 850/50R30.5 wheels). As a result, JOSKIN had for the first time pushed the limits of what was possible. Other pieces of equipment were also doubling the tanker’s potential: Hydro Tandem suspension, hydropneumatic drawbar, Heavy Duty rear linkage, etc. We therefore had set very high standards.

Emergence of the Monocoque Structure

Pursuing its efforts to meet the modern agriculture’s requirements as faithfully as possible, JOSKIN further developed this product in a way that many people will be delighted about. Even if it keeps all its initial qualities, this second version is brought to a higher level. This tanker now shares its DNA with another best-seller from the JOSKIN range: the VOLUMETRA... The X-TREM2 won’t be based on a double chassis anymore but will have the same Heavy Duty chassis as the VOLUMETRA.

Combined with the X-TREM’s original principle, this structure evolution is far from insignificant. It allows new possibilities as well as to push once more the limits of what is possible! From now on, the chassis starts with a 900-mm width at the front, which is reduced to 600 mm (instead of 760 mm) at the wheel recess level and up to the back. 

To make this width saving (160 mm at the wheels level and 250 mm at the back) as profitable as possible, 2 X-TREM2 versions will be available: the D-type X-TREM2 and the XT-type X-TREM2. The first category will be compatible with standard 800/60R32 wheels (Ø 1,800 mm x 800 mm, wheel recess designed for Ø 1,820 mm wheels) while the second one can be fitted with standard wheels with a larger diameter (Ø 1,986 mm x 925 mm, wheel recess designed for Ø 2,020 mm wheels). These 2 versions will be available with 3 different capacities: 16,000 l, 18,000 l and 20,000 l. 

Impressive Driving Quality

While these modifications seem very relevant on paper, they are even better in the reality. Thanks to a higher contact surface between the ground and the tyres, the tanker weight is once more better distributed. As a result, tracks are clearly less deep. The compact design, due to the integrated chassis, provides a very low center of gravity. This feature makes it easier to work with wide spreading booms and also provides a higher driving comfort and stability. We remind you that this feature had largely contributed to the Volumetra’s victory at the “Machine of the Year 2017” contest.

These are not the only improvements designed to increase the driving performances on the X-TREM2. The running gear has also been fully reviewed. Previously, it was a Hydro- Tandem. Now, all models will be fitted with a Hydro-Pendul. According to this principle, each axle will be fitted on two double-acting hydraulic rams (on both sides of the chassis). Each axle will then be linked to the chassis through an articulated triangular structure. Already successfully used on dump tipping trailers, this suspension type allows to better follow the ground, whatever its topography, as well as a higher maintenance ease (lubrication, etc.). 

As regards the steering system, the X-TREM2 will once more be fitted with a self-steering axle. It was however reviewed. While on the first X-TREM version, the last axle was the self-steering one, it is now the front axle that takes that role. As a result, the manoeuvrability is considerably increased. The overhang is indeed reduced, especially when using injectors largely sticking out at the back (TERRADISC2, etc.). The steering angle is also significantly improved.

The drawbar was also fully redesigned to further reinforce this quality. It was significantly thinned down and reduced. It is now narrower and fitted with an integrated eyelet. This compactness also allows to increase the steering angle. 

Well-Thought Details

Regarding the choice of pump, the X-TREM2 tankers can be fitted with vacuum, lobe or Vacu-Storm pumps. The vacuum models range from the Jurop PNR 155 (15,500 l/min) to the Jurop DL 250 (25,000 l/min). For lobe pumps, the Vogelsang VX186-260 (6,000 l/min) models will be standard fitted, while the VX186-368Q (9,000 l/min) will be available as an option. For Vacu-Storm machines, they will combine the above-mentioned vacuum pumps with a 10,000-l/min Storm centrifugal pump fitted at the drawbar end in order to ensure an optimal distribution of the slurry on large surface areas. All these pumps, which are integrated to the drawbar, will be easily accessible and therefore easy to maintain.

True to its reputation, JOSKIN thought and designed the finishings of this tanker down to the smallest detail. One thing is certain, the concern for pragmatism seems once more to have dictated this development! Traces of this can be found on all tanker sides. Among these, we can mention, for instance, the electric and hydraulic boxes, which are ideally located at the back of the tanker to be easily accessible while protected from the wheel projections, or the use of light and adjustable mudguards...

Fans of sturdy and durable machines were not forgotten either. Next to the usual use of the best steel types, JOSKIN remained once more attentive to the quality of all parts. The linkage system on the tanker is no exception. The X-TREM2 is indeed designed for heavy technology and can therefore work with the widest injectors or booms without any difficulty. To that end, a linkage is directly integrated in the tank brackets. This system is compacter, sturdier and allows to keep an ideal weight on the eyelet. Some components, such as the linkage arms, come from the renowned manufacturer “SAUTER”, a reference in this respect. Injectors will be hitched to the tanker by a 3-point linkage, instead of a 4-point system as in the past. 

JOSKIN seizes the opportunity of AGRITECHNICA to present this new tanker to the press and public. A first exhibition model will be available on its stand: a X-TREM2 18000 XT with a hydraulically driven Vogelsang VX186-368QD (9,000 l/min) volumetric lobe pump. This tanker will be fitted with a Rotation-Cut chopper with high-capacity stone trap, an 8” articulated filling arm with turbo-filler, a weight transfer partition and a full Isobus control. This model will also be equipped with a 8.25 m wide SOLODISC XXL injector (44 discs-18.75 cm spacing). According to the technical data sheet, there is no doubt that this novelty will be worth the trip to Hanover!!

Source: JOSKIN S.A.