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Advanced Mixer Control System


The average size of trailed mixer wagons has increased, due in part to farm restructuring, but also the larger percentage of coarse fodder used in rations. Because the machines handle products that weigh so much, they need high-power, energy-intensive tractors to pull them. To reduce feed-out costs, KUHN now offers KUHN CVT IntelliMix technology on our two and three vertical auger mixers.

KUHN CVT IntelliMix is a new electronic control system applied to a continuously variable transmission. The on-board smart-system also automates some of the basic functions of the trailed mixer wagon. KUHN CVT IntelliMix is ISOBUS compatible. It can be controlled directly from the tractor's ISOBUS terminal or combined with a KUHN terminal supplied for other tractors.

The continuous transmission uses a closed loop pump-motor circuit in combination with a planetary gearbox. The system has no linkage such as sliders, sprag clutch, clutch or internal brake. The power transmission is essentially mechanical, so the gearbox offers a high level of efficiency.

The benefits for farmers are mainly in terms of cost-effectiveness and comfort:

  • Less power required so less fuel consumption,

  • Lower risk of tractor overload during start-up phases,

  • The mixing tub is completely empty after feed-out,

  • Total control of the mixing speed.

In daily use, the new KUHN CVT IntelliMix system has three operating modes according to the farmers’ needs:

MANUAL mode:

This reduces the torque on the tractor when the augers start up. This mode also provides continuous control and adjustment of the speed of the mixing augers.


This controls the predefined speed of the mixing screws depending on whether the machine is in the mixing or feeding phase.


This mode automatically controls the mixing augers based on the torque. After the operator enters the tractor power on the terminal, the computer determines the input power required at the CVT gearbox based on the pressure exerted on the satellite gears. If the pressure is higher than the tractor power entered, the computer will automatically adjust the mixing auger rotation speed. This function is protected by an exclusive KUHN patent.

Source: Kuhn