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KUHN introduces new PZ front drum mowers

Harvesting clean forage in the most challenging soil and crop conditions


For farmers looking for optimal mowing performance in the most challenging conditions, KUHN introduces two new front drum mowers: the PZ 3021 F and PZ 2721 F. KUHN based the development of these models on their many years of experience in the drum mower market. The proven features of the PZ mowers are complimented by new solutions to meet the farmer’s future demands.

The PZ range is a leader in the world of mowing. The history of PZ mowers goes back over 50 years to the introduction of the first drum mower. ‘Designed by KUHN, made by KUHN’ reflects the philosophy of this new generation. With the introduction of these two front mower models KUHN offers solutions the modern farmer asks for.

Optimal mowing performance

Harvesting clean forage in even the most challenging soil and crop conditions. That is where the KUHN PZ 3021 F (working width 304 cm) and PZ 2721 F (working width 269 cm) front mowers come into their own. Important in this context is the optimised cutting unit design, complimented by the well-known PZ drum mower features like the freely rotatable skid saucers and the flat sided drums. The rotating saucers ensure clean forage, especially in uneven ground conditions. Flat sided drums offer optimal crop transport.

Furthermore, the typical PZ ‘big & small’ knife plate lay-out provides a narrow swath, secured via the standard swath discs. This narrow swath fits within the tractors tires and prevents from damage and contamination of the cut crop; an important demand when working in combination with a forage wagon for feeding fresh grass.

A smooth start-up

The new PZ front mowers feature a reliable V-belt driveline protection to ensure an easy start-up of the machine. The V-belt drive with large bearings and axle can transfer 30 % more power than previous models. Together with the stable and rigid main frame, this makes the mowers suitable for both regular and higher horsepower tractors.

Operator comfort is the main feature

User comfort was high on the agenda when designing the two drum mower models. All adjustments and operator handlings are easy to perform. For example; the unique knife changing system with a special tool and knife holder. Changing the knifes is now done quickly with minimal force. Moreover, the system is insensitive to product build up and wear. The continuous height adjustment has an increased range of up to 45 mm, which results in a cutting height from 25 to 70 mm.

On hitting an object, the redesigned KUHN FLEXPROTECT side covers bend to prevent damage to the mower. The material then returns back to its original shape. This is especially useful when mowing around poles or along fences around the edges of the field.

Robust drive units with spiral-toothed gears ensure maximum power transfer at a comfortable sound level for the operator - a benefit for both the driver and the environment.

Other unique features of the PZ 3021 F and PZ 2721 F are:

  • 2 choices of headstock to fit working conditions: fixed or pendulum.

  • 90° foldable front and side guards for easy access and cleaning.

  • A modern design with integrated warning signs and road lights for maximum visibility and safety on the road.