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Large front section? No problem!

The front-mounted camera system Fliegl HAWK brings security


Tractors are getting bigger, more powerful and come up with higher specialized front section attachments. That means: the front section measures are getting bigger too. Large front sections are a huge problem — in terms of security as well as driving comfort. Fliegl is providing the solution with its camera system HAWK: The innovative traffic surveillance camera system gets mounted onto the attachment at the front section, monitors the traffic on both sides while turning into a highway, sends the live pictures directly into the drivers cabin and manages to solve three problems at once, even with large front sections: A great improvement in traffic security while turning in, a comfortable to use system for the driver as well as the absolute security, that the vehicle gets used safely and legally.

Fliegl HAWK rises the standards of traffic security at the essential touchpoints, because it lowers the risk of an accident, which agricultural vehicles with large front sections are currently creating on dangerous public streets, to a minimum. 

Two 40° digital cameras, mounted onto the front attachment, monitor the traffic on the left and right and send the live pictures immediately into the drivers cabin. A key factor is the output delay: Fliegl HAWK manages to get far below the legal standard of 200 ms delay — thanks to a glass-to-glass delay — and reaches a delay down to 53 ms, therefore leading the current market of camera systems. The lower the output delay, the faster the driver notices upcoming vehicles and citizens. Therefore, the faster he can react accordingly, the more effective collisions and accidents with material or human damage get prevented. Even lives can be safed this way. Fliegl HAWK makes it easier and more secure to turn into main highways, leaving buildings and more, even with large front sections.

Fliegl HAWK is a comfortable system. Die picture outlet in the drivers cabin is happening on a single split-screen monitor or two separate monitors (mounted left and right). The driver does not have to carefully approach the street centimeter by centimeter, nor does he have to rely on a second person (who could also be prone to errors). Instead, he gets a stable, user friendly live picture with the highest quality directly into the cabin. The assurement of having the traffic always in sight lowers the stress rate and is a true relief for the driver.

Fliegl HAWK completely complies with the currently active legal terms. It is a great technical tool to use vehicles with large front sections over 3,5 m (even without a guide), because it is certified according to the requirements of the Bundesverkehrsblatts 23-2016 Nr. 180 and therefore ready to be registered into the vehicle registration.

All necessary tests for an official certification have been passed successfully by the Fliegl HAWK. The display test, which consists of an object with the measures 1,80 m by 0,60 m, positioned at a distance of 70 m, which has to be displayed at the monitor with a size of at least 3 mm, has been passed as well as the so called Discrimination test, which demands a correct display of triangles at a distance of 10 m in different light conditions (full light, daylight and sunset). Eight to nine objects have to be recognized to pass the test — with the Fliegl HAWK, nine of nine objects have been successfully recognized using four test persons in three different test rounds. Also, the Blooming Test has been passed by the HAWK, surpassing all expectations: the light-filled (Bloom-)Areas on the display, which get created at direct sunlight passing in on the camera lens, are much lower as on other camera systems. Furthermore, Fliegl HAWK is the only traffic camera system that is DLG- certified after Part A and B (an expensive Part B-Test is not necessary).

Fliegl HAWK is built according to a great plan and concept: The system works with widescreen monitors. Which is a huge advantage in comparison to portrait monitors, because contrasts and readability are simply better. A shield protects the display/displays from direct sunlight. Both Fliegl HAWK-versions (one or two monitors) are available in certified winter editions, which are equipped with cleaning devices that keep the camera clean even during bad weather. A utility cable makes sure, that different front attachments, which are equipped with the Fliegl HAWK, can be easily connected and deconnected with a seven-poled power outlet (Protection class IP69K). The Fliegl HAWK-camera systems also have a built-in, self produced damage protection, which improves the stability and sustainability even more.

Fliegl HAWK is on the market for 12 months now and gets used many times in the agricultural and communal field and is moreover absolutely failure-free. This proves its practicality.

Source: Fliegl Agro-Center GmbH