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Low loader trailers from Fliegl: robust and lightweight, suitable for universal use and indispensable in the construction industry

In the Freigelände Nord, at Booth FN 826/1, this vehicle demonstrates that manufacturers like Fliegl build vehicles for practical applications and with a focus on operator requirements.


New: Genuine customer benefit was in the foreground during the development of the latest three-axle low loader trailer with crank. One of the most important considerations was to keep the unladen weight as low as possible, and with only 5,400 kg, the DTS 300 achieves this aim impressively. With a payload of over 18,500 kg for this vehicle, Fliegl is once again setting a benchmark in this vehicle class. The numerous lashing options are a further highlight. With around 20 pairs of lashing points, the trailer offers unlimited possibilities for securing loads.

Technical data: With the DTS 300 low loader trailer, the well-known manufacturer from Thuringia is displaying a small excerpt from its low loader range. The outstanding unladen weight of only 5,400 kg is one of the highlights of this vehicle. Pull-out width extensions in the low bed which can be overlaid with 70 mm wooden planks allow the transport of extra-wide vehicles. This increases the overall width of the vehicle to 3,000 mm. The low bed has a length of around 5,900 mm, 950 mm bevelled, and offers space for a wide variety of machines. As the low bed has a height of only 860 mm, even tall machinery or construction equipment can be transported without problems. The folding rear support ensures that the trailer is held stable during loading or unloading. An extremely flat drive-up angle of less than 8° facilitates loading. The drive-over frame neck above the bogie of the front axle allows the use of the full length of the trailer for the load. The trailer is thus also ideally suited for transporting very long machines or several machines one behind the other.

Advantages: As with all vehicles from Triptis, the axles are calibrated by laser. This reduces wear and minimises fuel costs. Mechanical parabolic suspension with a maintenance-free steel/rubber bearing balances the axle loads via tandem-rocker. One of the key advantages of the trailer is the comprehensive range of lashing options, as these enable universal use of the DTS 300. Lashing straps can be hooked into 12 pairs of lashing holes in the outer frame with a loading capacity of 5 t. Five of these pairs are in the crank, six in the low bed and one in the bevelled frame end. These are supplemented by additional 10-t lashing points; 1 pair is recessed in the crank, and there are seven lashing knobs recessed in the outer frame at the top and on the sides.

Options: Low loader trailers from Fliegl are available in a variety of versions, as a corresponding modular system offers comprehensive configuration options. Payloads from 6 to 60 t, a wide variety of ramps, steering and lift axles, excavator scoop troughs and a choice of floor surface. The options also include a telescoping function or drive-over wheel recesses. The company is displaying the vehicle with two different steel ramps with a length of 2,800 mm. One ramp is covered with wood, the other with a mesh grating. Both are equipped with protection against lateral displacement and spring jack support for ease of operation. A toolbox and screw-in lashing eyes round off the equipment of the vehicle on show. Extendible warning signs, of course with LED lighting, a beacon light and additional LED reversing lights ensure optimum safety during operation.

Summary: Variable configurations – universal applications. The DTS 300 low loader trailer from Fliegl scores points with an excellent unladen weight/payload ratio. Displayed at the trade fair as a three-axle trailer, the vehicle weighs only 5,400 kg and can be used to transport a wide variety of goods thanks to the numerous load-securing options. Around 20 pairs of lashing points with a lashing force of five or ten tonnes provide many options for securing loads correctly. The drive-over frame neck above the bogie of the front axle also ensures problem-free loading. This allows easy transportation even of long machines. Pull-out width extensions are also provided. 70 mm wooden planks can be used to extend the loading area to 3,000 mm.

One trailer – a wealth of applications: the DTS 300 low loader trailer with a payload of around 18,500 kg is an all-rounder for almost any transport application in the construction industry.

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH