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Mach 2: reversible steering Duo-track- NEW!

Antonio Carraro continues to develop new concept tracked tractors, ideal for activities in inaccessible areas, especially on muddy, slippery surfaces. The use of rubber tracks guarantees exclusive solutions that lead to greater productivity, faster operational speed, improved speed of reaction, comfort and safety by drastically reducing the damage of ground compaction. Spurred on by the great success of the Mach 4, launched in 2008, the Padova company has continued to develop new versions of the original model, such as the Mach 2, a reversible steering duo-track, which went into production in 2014. The Mach 2, fitted with rear rubber tracks and front 20” tyres is designed for those operators working on sloping cultivations, where constant grip, traction, stability and safety are essential. The exclusive set up of front steering wheels and rear rubber tracks allows it to carry out complex manoeuvres easily and in full safety even on steep slopes; manoeuvres that are unthinkable with a tractor fitted with traditional tyres. Thanks to its width of 1400mm, weight of 2915 Kg, its brilliant 87 CV Yanmar engine, homologated speed of 35 Km/h, low centre of gravity and vast choice of optional extras – amongst which the StarLight cab –

the Mach 2 represents an all rounder with a unique personality, ideal for any agricultural concern, that can meet any challenge rapidly and in complete safety. Finally, like the rest of the AC range, as testimony to its well-known reliability, it enjoys the option of an extended warranty (EXG) up to 4 years.

Source: Source: Antonio Carraro S.p.A.