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SULKY and JACTO Celebrate their 100th self-propelled spreader sold in Brazil

Two and a half years ago, Sulky and Jacto joined forces in a strategic partnership by transferring technology for solid and lime fertilizer spreaders. The rapidly expanding Brazilian market, which is expected to double in the next 15 years, prompted Jacto and Sulky to join forces in September 2016.


The progress made since then, along with the close collaboration between the Sulky and Jacto R&D teams, has led to around a hundred machines being manufactured in Brazil. Of this number, two thirds are self-propelled machines and one third are trailed fertiliser spreaders, made from parts produced by Sulky in Châteaubourg (metering units, blades, plates, etc.) This successful technology transfer means Jacto can now produce all the parts necessary for the manufacture of self-mounted or trailed spreaders in Brazil.


Only a small number of machines on the Brazilian market can match the performance and versatility of the equipment Sulky uses to spread organic, mineral or powder fertilizers. With its high precision spreading technology, Jacto benefits from the latest state-of-the-art developments that are 100% Sulky certified.

Farmers who invest in Uniport 5030 NPK self-propelled fertiliser spreaders are moving forward in precision farming with the help of the Econov system, which guarantees dose modulation and very accurate section cut-offs.

"The Econov section cutting is great! The uniformity of the distribution is exceptional, which is something we've never seen before in Brazil! The dosage is extremely precise with less than 5% margin of error and a site yield that allows me to work 250 ha per day," says Paulo Swart, a farmer who runs a 1800 ha farm on 2 sites west of Sao Paolo.


Investing in the fertilization market through a top-of-the-range positioning has been successful and has enabled Jacto to get off to a good start in the market. The company, already a leader in the coffee spraying and harvesting sector in Brazil, is now expanding its range with precision fertilizer spreaders. It is now establishing itself as a major new player in fertilization in Brazil.

A new range is being developed with the launch of a second self-propelled spreader with a capacity of 7500 litres in 2020. This will be followed by a larger capacity trailed spreader in 2021. Drawing on the recognized expertise of Sulky technologies, Jacto is now one of Brazil's leading fertilizer companies for self-propelled vehicles.


Thanks to this technology transfer, Sulky can continue its expansion into new export markets with its presence on five continents. This is especially true in Brazil, where Jacto has a strong presence which gives both players a strategic win-win partnership.

The sales potential of fertilizer spreaders is high as there is a lot of interest from Brazilian farmers. There is clear evidence of a market: the first 100 self-propelled vehicles were sold within two years. The objective for 2019 alone is to deploy more than 150 machines in the field, two thirds of that number are Uniport 5030 NPK self-propelled machines (most with section cut offs), and the other third are Tellus 10000 NPK trailed units.

Brazilian farmers, regardless of their profile, are looking for high-performance and accurate fertilizer spreaders to optimize their fertilizer savings and increase their productivity. As a result, there is a significant demand in the Brazil market for solid fertilizer spreading technologies. As the supply to meet these needs is quite limited, Sulky is in a strong position.