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MIRCO - semi-mounted plough

The new semi-mounted plough range by Maschio combines operational reliability with an excellent quality of work in a completely new design. MIRCO is available in different configurations up to 9 furrows, and it can handle both in-furrow and on-land ploughing. The heavy-duty and thick squared tube made by special steel characterizes the beam.


MIRCO model features with a 160 x 160 mm frame and a great under-beam clearance (90 cm, opt.) for an optimal residue flow and high quality ploughing. All adjustment brackets and plates are externally bolted. The lack of welding points improves reliability and stability even under heavy load conditions.

The mouldboards are made by hardened steel for a total thickness of 7 mm. Special plowshares provides an outstanding horizontal cutting quality and plough performance, while the forged points improve soil penetration.

All pre-setting operations are easy and manageable directly from the cab. The operator can hydraulically set the working configuration (on-land or in-furrow) and adjust the total and first-furrow working widths. The depth is set by two wheels up to 35 – 40 cm.

MIRCO can be moved in semi-mounted configuration using the wide diameter wheel placed on the back (Ø 500 mm). An anti-shock system, based on nitrogen accumulator, improves safety and prevents plough ‘rocking’ during road transportation.

MIRCO is equipped with a rapid exchange sistem of the mouldboard. That speeds up the adaptation operations of the plough to the different types of soil: it’s not necessary to separate the coulter-ploughshare-mouldboard from the beam, but you can just change the turning plate with a few bolts.