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MONDIALE 120 COMBI is the perfect solution for harvesting green products: bailing and wrapping in just one field pass. Pure bales, no soil contamination or loss of quality due to weather conditions.


MONDIALE 120 COMBI is the round baler-wrapper combination branded MASCHIO GASPARDO, it is ideal for collecting green products (cereals, grasses and alfalfa): the product is sized and wrapped in a single operation, preventing the bale from being contaminated by exposure in the field.

A single field pass ensures the reduction of soil trampling and cost minimization in terms of working time and fuel consumption. The round baler features a gentle wrapping system which envelops the bale in a plastic film in order to protect the product from weather conditions. This prevents any aerobic fermentation and guarantees an excellent conservation of the product, even when damp.

A perfect cut

Thanks to two different cutting systems, the HTC 15 knife system and the HTU 25 knife system, the hay can be cut to a length of 77 and 45 mm, respectively. It is possible to disengage the knives directly from the tractor cab.

All in a single passage

MONDIALE 120 COMBI allows collection and wrapping operations to be made in one field process.

Bailing is managed directly from the tractor cab, where the operator can control all the aspects of the baler (pick up, pressing, tying, bale unloading) and the wrapper (rpm, rotation speed, unloading).