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The Panoramic range was launched in 1987, inspired by the ingenious idea to move the engine from the back of the machine to the right-hand side, leaving ample space for the telescopic boom. This revolutionary flash of insight changed the telehandler market forever, making Merlo the technological leader in this sector. Furthermore, the idea has enabled Merlo to create its first full-visibility machines range, offering an exponential increase in safety, precision and performance.


Over the course of the last 30 years, Merlo has continued to innovate and develop the Panoramic range, introducing a multitude of new technologies and solutions. Today, we are face to face with another evolution of this range, which further raises the Merlo benchmark, establishing new standards in performance, comfort and safety.

The new Panoramic models are built in accordance with the exclusive Merlo construction criteria, which allow the use of common modular components that are shared by the various different models in the range.

The new Panoramic range is available in two versions:

  • Panoramic telehandlers with stabilisers

  • High-capacity Panoramic telehandlers

These ranges incorporate distinctive Merlo solutions and content, and are designed to respond to the growing operational and safety needs of customers.

PANORAMIC with stabilisers

At Intermat, Merlo will be presenting the new Panoramic telehandlers range with stabilisers. Each of the models has been fully redesigned with a view to further enhancing comfort, performance and operational safety.

The new Panoramic are composed by three ranges: Entry, Classic and Advanced.

The Panoramic Entry range are today composed of a model with fixed frame, designed for customers who need a machine that is intuitive to use, with simple content and easy maintenance. This model will be accompanied by the Panoramic Classic range, with unique technologies such as frame levelling and boom side-shift, which offers superior performances.

Merlo propose a third range: Panoramic Advanced which uses the leading technologies and solutions that characterise the Classic models and add some complete new features created to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding users. Among the key features of the new Panoramic Advanced range are the new Epd Transmission, a more powerful engine with 100 HP and the PREMIUM cab finishing.

High Capacity PANORAMIC

The High Capacity telehandlers represent an extension of the popular Panoramic range.

This range is specially designed for heavy-duty handling in quarries, mines and major construction sites, enabling extremely onerous operations to be carried out whilst maintaining high levels of performance.

The key features of the Panoramic High Capacity range include the high performance levels it provides, combined with the most compact dimensions on the market, further enhancing the famous visibility offered by the Panoramic ranges.

The P120.10HM model is equipped with the new power-train, composed of the high-performance FPT Tier IV final engine which delivers 170 hp of power, and the Merlo CVTronic continuous variable transmission.


The innovative features

  • New modular design

  • New axles and stabilisers

  • New EPD transmission

  • New cab

  • MCDC Safety system

New modular design

The modular concept has been closely studied with a view to improve the production process. It allows to combine modules with different features, reaching a product flexibility which enables to meet the market growing demands.

The new chassis design further increases its structural strength and weight, which is optimally distributed. This leads to enabling a degree of balance that allows us to be compact in terms of size and high levels in terms of performance, which needs to be maintained.

The new power-train module facilitates access to the main components due to the fact that these are positioned on the outside, for unrivalled ease of intervention and maintenance.

New axles and stabilisers

The new Panoramic has evolved, with new and more technological axles incorporated within a cast metal structure. The portal axle shaft provides high ground clearance, enabling the telehandler to be used in even the most gruelling conditions.

The new axles are larger and more heavily reinforced then before, which leads to a significant increase for the payload and a general reliability of the entire assembly.

The new stabilisers represent a fundamental feature of the new Panoramic range, with the advantage that they can stabilise the machine without extending beyond the footprint of the telehandler. In addition, the stabilisers are anchored directly onto the front axle, which allows them to be levelled according to driver needs up to 24%.

New EPD transmission

The entire new PANORAMIC range is equipped with the Merlo hydrostatic transmission, which offers guaranteed performance in terms of precision and energy efficiency, a unique feature in the sector.

The new EPD Eco Power Drive electronic control unit is included as standard on the Panoramic Advanced range. This exclusive technology automatically reduces the engine revs in line with the power required by the transmission, which vary in accordance to the speed set. This technology significantly reduces fuel consumption.

New cab

The Panoramic range now features the new cab, which has already won recognition on the Turbofarmer ranges for its design, comfort and ergonomics.

The new cab is a true embodiment of technology and design, courtesy of the various technical solutions with which it is equipped, such as: The new curved glass windscreen, which increases visibility, and the cab pressurization system, which complies with ISO 10263-3 standards. The structure, designed to comply with ROPS/FOPS Level II regulations in terms of safety.

The surface area of the glass has been increased by 10%, along with the volume of the cab interior, enabling the user to operate in maximum comfort.

The new, more ergonomic interiors have been designed with highly intuitive control positioning, allowing the operator to have all of the telehandler functions within reach.

MCDC safety system

Safety has always been a key prerogative of the Panoramic range, and in this instance once again, the new range features the new version of the MCDC safety system.

Through an exclusive system that automatically detects the type of attachment in use, the geometric "extension and boom angle" configuration of the machine and the load being handled, the operator is guaranteed a full overview of the parameters measured. As a result, operators can remain focused on the work in progress in total safety.

Source: Merlo Group

Merlo Panoramic P 120.10 HM on LECTURA Specs