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New CFS forage wagon by Strautmann

Strautmann Super-VitesseCFS 3102/3502


On the occasion of this year's Agritechnica, Strautmann is presenting the new generation of the Super-VitesseCFS models to the visitors of the trade fair. Apart from the well-known advantages such as the CFS conveying unit, this forage wagon convinces also by new features – for example a revised rotor with tine plates and new chassis.

The Strautmann Super-VitesseCFS has proven its worth as a robust forage wagon offering excellent charging performance and easy handling for years. To meet the increased demands of farmers and contractors, Strautmann is presenting the revised models Super-VitesseCFS 3102 and 3502 with a capacity of 29 and 33 m³ on the occasion of the Agritechnica.

In this model range, the conveying unit has been completely revised. The camless pick-up with 6 V-shaped tine rows is now equipped with plastic strippers preventing early tine wear and making tine replacement considerably easier. The proven CFS roller operates behind the pick-up, improving the material flow and conveying the grass to the rotor over its entire width. The width of the loading rotor with 6 helically arranged tine rows has been increased by 110 mm to 1560 mm and the rotor is now equipped with welded-on, 17 mm wide Hardox tine plates which reduce the distance between the rotor tines and the knife, thus ensuring an exact and smooth scissor-type cut. Furthermore, the resistance to wear is significantly increased. Due to the 39 turnable Double-Cut knives reliably protected against foreign objects by the patented knife protection system with spot-on triggering, a theoretical cutting length of 39 mm is reached.

The Super-VitesseCFS is available as a forage wagon and as a forage wagon with dosing unit equipped with up to 3 beaters. The all-steel body with lateral access door is closed at the top by means of body brackets and ropes, thus ensuring safe transport. The cargo space is quickly emptied by means of two transport floor lines with 11 mm strong round steel chains.

To have more admissible loading capacity on hand, an optional 18-t boogie chassis equipped with BPW axles is available in addition to the standard boogie tandem-axle unit with an axle load of 16 t. Due to the larger wheelbase, tyres up to a size of 710/45 R 22.5 can be mounted on the larger chassis, thus complying with the demand for larger tyre options. Both chassis are equipped with standard rigid axles; passive steering or electronic active steering are optionally available.

Source: B. Strautmann & Söhne GmbH u. Co KG