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New CULTIDISC 3 coulter: a design in which every detail has been considered

New CULTIDISC 3 drilling toolbar on XEOS PRO


The Xeos PRO is designed to drill all crops under all conditions and is the ideal multi-purpose seed drill. Its CULTIDISC coulter unit has been redesigned. This 3rd generation enjoys greater robustness enabling it to drill faster and to have the advantage of an even greater run capacity on crop residues.

The Xeos PRO is fitted with the CULTIDISC 3 to drill quickly in all conditions

It is multi-purpose and drills in all conditions The CULTIDISC 3 is agile amongst stones due to its spring-loaded blades which have a new treatment on the steel. It is also versatile from silt to clay with its record anti-clogging clearance of 560 mm between rows. This clearance is also very useful when there are significant crop residues on the soil surface. In addition, it is able to drill without its press wheel in the most extreme conditions. The operator is therefore able to face the widest range of preparation conditions, especially during wet, difficult autumn drilling.

More efficient

The CULTIDISC 3 coulter unit has moved from 80 to 100 kg of individual pressure in order to provide optimum drilling quality by depth control in almost any conditions: fast preparation, on tough crop residues, late autumn conditions, deep drilling (beans in conservation tillage), etc.

Great driveability

Its 415 mm diameter notched disc with a 4° angle gives it great driveability and an ability to clean the furrow. With this notching the trash is easily evacuated, giving excellent soil/seed contact in min-till sowing conditions.

Still easy to adjust

The CULTIDISC 3 drilling toolbar remains very easy to adjust. The drilling depth is adjusted with a parallelogram linkage between the seed drill chassis and the drilling toolbar, making it possible to plant the seed at varying depths with total simplicity.

Optimum drilling quality

As all the coulter units are strictly identical a single adjustment of the parallelogram provides perfectly equal pressure on all rows and guarantees regularity and an ideal drilling depth for fast, even emergence. Seed descent has been studied to provide a careful, accurate deposit at the bottom of the furrow. Firstly a vent makes it possible to release the air pressure above the coulter unit for gravity seed descent with no rebound, and secondly a protective “skirt” guides the seed along the disc to the bottom of the furrow to prevent any ejection of the seed if there is contact with the rotating disc. The standard equipment press wheels are flanged, preventing any “proliferation” of earth on the row, especially at high forward speed. The wheels can be adjusted so that the soil/seed contact is adjusted depending on the type of seed or the soil conditions. Reduced maintenance costs The absence of articulations in the suspension of the spring-loaded blades and the choice of lubrication-free double row ball bearings guarantee reduced maintenance. The CULTIDISC 3 drilling toolbar does not therefore require either lubrication or maintenance. Each seed coulter is also fitted with an anti-wear carbide plate to guarantee a well- traced furrow throughout the life of the seed drill. In this way the coulter is durably protected against wear and enables the seed to be deposited carefully.