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The SULKY X40/50+ range of fertiliser spreaders is being improved with 2 new pieces of equipment

SULKY is offering a new hydraulic drive solution for the spreading discs, a drive that is independent of the engine speed.


The hydraulic drive makes it possible to keep the spreading disc rotation speed constant, and to work with a low tractor engine speed (1,500 rpm) in all situations, separate from the PTO speed. It is available on the entire X40+ and X50+ range.

Simplified coupling

The operation for coupling the spreader is simplified on the tractor. The universal joint is replaced by the coupling with two hydraulic valves.

Even spreading in all conditions

The hydraulic drive guarantees constant disc rotation and therefore even spreading distribution even in areas where the plots are on a slope and maintaining a constant PTO speed is more difficult. An adjustment interface makes it possible to control the disc rotation speed and to be made aware should predetermined levels be crossed. 

Controlled costs

By spreading with a lower engine speed the farmer will reduce his fuel consumption and thus contribute to a reduction in his costs, particularly for high capacity fertiliser spreaders (X50+ type) coupled to high-powered tractors. It is a central hydraulic unit which is factory fitted at the input to the fertiliser spreader's angle transmission. It replaces the PTO drive. It is recommended on high-powered tractors for which the power take-off is not available or available only at 1,000 rpm. Second new piece of equipment available, 2 R/L low level sensors make it possible to know exactly when one side of the hopper is almost empty. The driver therefore has sufficient warning to refill his hopper and not risk working empty. The low level sensors are the ideal accessories for optimising fertiliser spreading in cases of R/L adjustment by GPS or on machines fitted with the ECONOV section cut-off. This equipment is available on the ISOBUS versions of the X40+ and X50+ fertiliser spreaders.

Range: X40+ up to 44 m and 3,200 litres – X50+ up to 50 m and 4,200 litres