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New features in KUHN Fertilisation for 2016/2017

EMC regulation now available on the entire fertiliser spreader range


Two types of drive system:

  • Hydraulic drive for AXIS H-EMC

  • Mechanical drive for AXIS M-EMC

As of September, two new models will complete the range of fertiliser spreaders: AXIS 50.2 M-EMC-W, a mounted version, and AXENT 100.1, a trailed version.

As a reminder, EMC (Electronic MassFlow Control) regulation is a patented system available exclusively on KUHN fertiliser spreaders.

The EMC system measures the torque (Nm) on each spreading disc to find the amount spread and thus the « weight » on each disc. There is no risk of clogging, particularly at low application rates, or of one hopper emptying quicker than the other. Spreading is safe and the desired application rate delivery is ensured.

In contrast, a conventional weighing system by weighing cells is incapable of differentiating the fertiliser flow on each disc. Spreading is therefore much less precise.

The AXIS 50.2 M-EMC-W completes the range of mounted machines

The AXIS 50.2 M-EMC-W is designed for farmers looking for a long operating range machine with large working width and precise application rate and spread. It has a maximum capacity of 4,200 litres and working width of 12 to 50 m.

Standard machine equipment:

  • EMC regulation: the « weighing » system on each disc ;

  • Mechanical drive by power take-off, 750 rpm: reduced fuel consumption ;

  • Weighing frame: indicating the residual amount in the hopper ;

  • TELIMAT limiter: for border spreading with precision ;

  • ISOBUS and its many compatibilities for Section Control and application rate modulation ;

  • VARISPREAD Dynamic: Section Control in continuous variation mode.

AXENT 100.1, the first trailed spreader to ensure that 100% of the dose is spread on either side

KUHN completes its range of fertiliser spreaders with a trailed machine: the AXENT 100.1.

With its 9,400 litre hopper and 10,400 kg maximum load capacity, it meets the requirements of the biggest grain crop farms.

The special feature that makes all the difference in relation to other machines on the market, is it’s the EMC independent regulation system on each disc: 100% of the fertiliser dose is spread on both sides supplying the nutrients necessary to reach yield objectives. The position of the metering outlet is corrected every second during spreading according to torque measurement on each spreading disc. This technological system provides many benefits: application rate respected at each metering outlet, no risk of clogging, EMC detects and corrects flow variations instantly.

All other machines on the market have either a static or sequential weighing system. This means that comparisons are made between a full and empty machine before adjusting metering outlets for the following load. Regulation is never carried out continuously during spreading.

AXENT 100.1 is a modular machine. It takes less than ten minutes to interchange the two spreading modules available:

  • AXIS PowerPack: precise spreading of granular fertiliser from 18 to 50 m

Thanks to the exclusive EMC technology, a trailed machine is capable of continuously regulating fertiliser flow on each disc during spreading for the first time ever.

The AXIS PowerPack has all the advantages of a mounted spreader to ensure high-precision spreading: EMC regulation, CDA distribution, 500 kg/min flow, ultra-slow rotating agitator, spreading width from 18 to 50 m, Varispread Dynamic and ISOBUS.

User comfort highlights: fertiliser supply is totally automated, no driver intervention is required. As soon as the level of fertiliser gets low, the feeding belt automatically starts up again

  • Lime PowerPack:

With its 700 mm diameter heavy discs, the Lime PowerPack is designed to spread soil-enriching agents: lime, moist bulk, organic fertiliser (pellets)…at high application rates over a maximum width of 15 m. Variations in feeder belt speed, according to groundspeed (DPAE), make it possible to reach application rates of several tons per hectare. A beater improves flow to the spreading discs.

Product-specific spreading modules make the AXENT 100.1 uncompromising in terms of precision.

Great handling

The AXENT can be equipped with a steering axle for smoother headland turn manoeuvres, limiting crop flattening and improving the machine’s performance on slopes. The Trail Control system uses a gyroscope positioned on the tractor to adjust the AXENT’s wheel angle. Turning angle is from 10 to 17° depending on track width and tyre size.

Suspension and hydraulic unit as standard:

The linkage drawbar has hydro-pneumatic suspension to provide extra comfort on roads and in the field.

The hydraulic unit drives the spreading discs, feeder belt and outlets. It is powered by the power take-off at 750 rpm which reduces tractor fuel consumption. With no oil flow requirement, it is totally compatible with medium tractors or ones with weak hydraulic flow.

Varispread Dynamic: go with continuous variation

All fertiliser spreaders of the AXIS series 2 range and AXENT 100.1 equipped with new electric cylinders that control drop points come with the VARISPREAD Dynamic system to manage field points.

Varispread Dynamic continuously adapts the position of the spread extent. It is no longer a matter of section management but of continuous variation. Field point and overlap management is even more precise whether from the inside out or the outside in.

High speed spreading with optimum distribution becomes possible thanks to the high speed electric cylinders.

With AXIS Ms, VARISPREAD acts upon the drop point + the metering outlet.

With AXIS Hs and AXENTs, VARISPREAD acts upon the drop point + disc speed + the metering outlet.

Independent left and right regulation + modulation

For some years, AXIS H-EMCs have been compatible with John Deere Greenstar terminals for application rate modulation and Section Control.

With the latest developments and a view to improving performances in Precision Farming, it is now possible to modulate different application rates per ½ working width by GPS. The terminal sends 2 different doses to the machine.

But that is not necessarily the innovation.

In order to get map precision into the field, the fertiliser spreader must also be able to manage each dose separately. With EMC regulation and its « weighing » system on each disc, every application rate set into the modulation map is regulated individually with the left and right sides being independent from each other.

No application rate average is calculated to regulate the machine as a whole as is the case for classic fertiliser spreaders with weighing cells, where the whole point of having left / right modulation is lost.

With the EMC system, the precision of the map is maintained in the field.

Spreading charts

Over 3000 different products are included in the spreading chart data base which caters for requirements worldwide. Tests are carried out regularly when new products become available or developments are made. The results can be accessed free of charge via smartphone applications or our website.

  • SpreadSet: Smartphone application:

The new mobile application SpreadSet is now available at the Apple Store as well as the Google Store.

Fertilisers can be found under the manufacturer’s name or in the fertiliser identification guide. Photos of fertilisers to scale are listed according to category (N, P, K, NPK, urea…). If the origin of a fertiliser is unknown, the granules can be identified directly by shape and size.

  • Website, easier search options:

As of September, it will be possible to find an adjustment chart by entering key words. The corresponding charts will come up automatically thereby simplifying the task of finding the settings for products to be spread. / Online Services / Spreading charts

Source: Kuhn