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New Forwarder Simulator by CM Labs Offers an Industry-based Curriculum that Exposes Operators to Some of the Most Difficult Terrains

New Simulator Offers Industry-based Curriculum for Forwarder Operators
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New Simulator Offers Industry-based Curriculum for Forwarder Operators


CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex® training simulators, today announced its entry into the Forestry and Logging market with the launch of a new training solution. The Forwarder Simulator Training Pack is the first release from CM Labs’ Forestry product line which has been developed in collaboration with industry experts, both from the perspective of the curriculum as well as machine design and behavior. This new training solution exposes students to real-world scenarios in an expansive environment fully equipped with multiple tree species as well as off-road driving on rocks, rivers, slopes and tree stumps. With the largest and widest variety of simulated terrains on the market, the Forwarder Simulator better prepares novice operators for the real thing.


“Workplace knowledge has traditionally been the most common way to transfer industry know-how, but the labor shortage makes it challenging to take productive workers off-the-job for training purposes,” says Julien Richer-Lanciault, Product Manager at CM-Labs. “Meanwhile, the industry is expressing concerns over students lacking in competency so there is a definite need for a more comprehensive training solution that eases the training burden on seasoned operators.” 

Designed in collaboration with Tigercat Industries, and powered by CM Labs’ Smart Training Technology™, every simulated machine component of the Forwarder Simulator is backed by precise engineering specifications to ensure realistic behavior and maximum training value. Just like on the real machine, operators feel everything from the feedback of the crane when grappling multiple logs to the vehicle’s suspension when driving off road, delivering the most transferable skills anywhere, outside of the real equipment.

Students are challenged with an industry-approved curriculum that was developed through consultations with training institutions and ensures operators acquire the right skills and techniques relevant to the job. Progressive learning exercises include basic controls familiarization, loading and unloading from the trailer, log manipulation, and wood extraction in both flat and rough terrains. Built-in performance metrics track everything from fuel consumption, efficiency moving trees, and safety violations. Customizable scoring allows users to weight each metric for objective and standardized evaluation.

The introduction of the Forwarder Simulator Training Pack along with the release of the Harvester training pack means that training organizations can provide comprehensive education for forestry operators — from roadwork with CM Labs’ Earthmoving Training Packs, and now, cutting and moving timber. The Forwarder Training Pack currently runs on CM Labs’ desktop Vortex Edge Plus and the motion-enabled Vortex Edge Max simulators.

Source: CM Labs Simulations