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New MERGE MAXX 950 belt merger: regular windrows for higher work output

With over 10 years’ experience in belt mergers, KUHN complements its offer with the new MERGE MAXX 950, designed for contractors, machinery cooperatives and industrial forage producers.

Regular airy windrow pick-up is a priority for chopper and baler drivers and the MERGE MAXX is remarkable in this respect due to its windguard with roller at the front and the side of the pick-up. It guides the forage uniformly up the belt, crucial to delivering regular windrows. The roller is at the bottom of the windguard and automatically regulates its position according to forage volumes. For harvesting machines, regular windrows represent 2 to 3 km/h faster working speeds!

Windrows can be calibrated with this belt merger to suit harvesting material, while the number of passes and associated costs are reduced.



The original and exclusive design of the machine with two mobile units makes it extremely versatile in terms of forage delivery, and on any plot configuration:

• Central delivery of one windrow with adjustable width to adapt to different pick-up widths.

• Side or two-side delivery of one windrow.

• Double-windrow delivery, one in the middle, the other to the side.

As with any rake, clean pick-up depends on the quality of ground contouring. This function is managed on both units by articulated skids, lift-control by powerful springs and pivot points for vertical and angular clearance. The pick-up’s tine arms collect the forage, all of the forage and nothing but the forage. MERGE MAXX belt merger is able to work different types of forage, even the most delicate, and always preserves full nutritional value of the harvest.

Faster windrowing speeds, centralised settings, fewer impurities in the forage, fewer stones in the windrow, longer- life rotor blades on the chopper or other harvesting means, less time spent on the job, stability on slopes, compact for transport, such are the advantages of the MERGE MAXX 950.

Following the success of the MM 700 in North America, the new MM 950, which meets European standards and conditions with exclusive features and an attractive price, will allow KUHN to aim at becoming world leader in this product segment.



Source: KUHN


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