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New ROCKWOOL report explores the potential behind the 'sixth fuel'

New report offers improved solution to wasted heat in homes during European air pollution crisis

Entitled ‘Great Possibilities in Small Buildings’ (GPSB), the report explores the vast potential for household heating and energy improvements and how this is an ignored but important factor in the fight against air pollution.

Poorly designed and outdated buildings are susceptible to heat loss on a significant scale, and can therefore incur serious financial strain on residents as they attempt to counteract this problem with excessive expenditure on heating bills – exacerbating environmental damage in the process.Circular economy is a key cornerstone of the ROCKWOOL Benelux 2015 CSR Report – scheduled for launch at an event in Roermond on the 30th June – and places emphasis on value and true performance over price.

In this latest report, the ROCKWOOL Group reveals how much of a significant impact small family homes can have on air pollution, and most notably, how this can be reduced. To combat the burdening financial effect of old and energy-inefficient housing on tenants and the consequential environmental impacts, GPSB calls for a wide-scale thermo-modernization of building stock, which would bring about an equally wide range of benefits to society.