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New RF5325 Fixed Chamber Baler

Professional baler for wet silage conditions


The all new RF5325 high performance Fixed Chamber Baler for professional operators looking for high performance and reliability.

Vicon is further updating their product range by introducing a new high capacity fixed chamber baler aimed directly at professional contractors and farmers. With the successful introduction of the FastBale non-stop baler wrapper Vicon is now extending the baler range suitable for working with heavy silage crops in wetter areas. This new model seeks to use Vicon’s significant experience in baling, in this case utilising technology already developed and extensively tested in FastBale.

The RF5325 can be considered as new from top to bottom, the only exception being the well-respected and efficient PowerBind net application system. The RF5325 incorporates the heavy duty rollers, bearings and driveline components as used on FastBale. The widespread use of double row roller bearings, an integral one piece main input gearbox and split driveline with 1¼ ” chains on all chamber and rotor drives, ensures the RF5325 will be a good choice for professional operators looking for a heavy duty baler.

The RF5325 incorporates an 18 roller bale chamber (increase from 17 rollers in previous models), with two rollers located in the bottom of the bale chamber to give extra support for heavy, wet silage bales. Bale density is taken care of by a new hydraulic density system designed to ensure consistent bale quality in all conditions.

The pick-up reel, has been extensively upgraded, and incorporates double cam tracks and five tine bars, each with two centre supports, while tine length has been increased 10mm and the gap between the strippers has been reduced. This ensures better performance in wet crops. The pick-up is now pivoted around the centre of the intake rotor, which means significant improvement in ground clearance when lifted on headlands – a feature likely to be particularly useful when starting work in a field with heavy/large crops.

Increased intake capacity has been achieved with the introduction of a new larger diameter intake rotor, along with a revised drop floor system. This new drop floor incorporates a new shape and a parallelogram action when it is lowered – giving clearance not only under the rear when lowered, but also under the front of the rotor as well.

The RF5325 will be available with options of 14 or 25 knife SuperCut pre-chopping systems and is equipped as standard with automatic chain lubrication and bearing greasing systems.  

Source: Kverneland Group Ravenna