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Only slightly heavier than an SUV – but with a far higher payload: construction material trailers from Fliegl

The ZPS 180 two-axle turning steel frame trailer can accommodate a payload of around six SUVs with a Q in their name – Fliegl displays its weight-optimised construction material trailer at Booth FN 721/9 in the Freigelände Nord.


New: An unladen weight of almost exactly 3,000 kg, which means a load capacity of around 15,000 kg – high-strength steels and complex FEM calculations went into the development of the current series of the ZPS 180 construction material trailer. Fliegl is one of only a few manufacturers producing large quantities of twoor three-axle trailers for the transportation of construction materials. The vehicle on display has been optimised for the Bauma fair and its weight reduced, for example by the use of high-strength steels.

Technical data: Construction material trailers are available in different versions. First, depending on the specific requirements, there is a choice between two or three axles. There is also a corresponding selection of loading lengths. Here, you can choose between 6,900 mm and 7,300 mm. Even in the standard version, 9 pairs of lashing eyes offer every possibility for the optimum securing of loads. This important factor is underscored on the displayed vehicle by a special floor surface. The anti-slip flooring increases the friction coefficient, so that additional non-slip mats are often unnecessary. As a further load-securing element, there is a lashing/side post rail recessed in the floor over the entire length of the trailer. This allows additional form-locking in longitudinal and transverse direction with removable side posts. This means even more lashing points for straps and chains if the lashing points provided as standard are not enough or are covered by the load.

Advantages: Trailers offer the great advantage that they are far easier to manoeuvre in narrow entrances than a semi-trailer. Particularly when transporting construction materials, which are often required in confined and difficult-to-access areas, tractor/trailer combinations have the edge over a semitrailer. Simple uncoupling of tractor vehicle and the trailer greatly increases manoeuvrability.

The high payload is supported by a 30 mm thick wooden floor with anti-slip surface. The chassis design means that the floor can also take the high point loads which frequently occur when transporting building materials and supplies. The loading area is enclosed on all sides by aluminium side panels with a height of 1,000 mm. With the exception of the bulkhead, these can be folded down and removed. A lifting support facilitates closing of the side panels. To handle the everyday rough and tumble of operation on a building site, the turning steel frame trailer is equipped with sturdy ram protection at the rear and sides. The robust corner posts are hot-dip galvanised. The design of the platform allows its full width to be utilised – another advantage of the construction material trailer. A length-adjustable drawbar means that the construction material trailer can be quickly adjusted to different tractor vehicles.

Options: The most important option is definitely the loading length. Customers can choose between 6,900 mm and 7,300 mm. The number of axles is also variable. Depending on the specific application, the construction material trailer is available in a two-axle or three-axle version. Customers also have a choice when it comes to the folding side posts, which come in heights of 700 mm or 1,000 mm. The 9 pairs of lashing eyes provided in the standard version can be supplemented by longitudinal and transverse recessed lashing/side post rails, offering many more lashing points for straps or removable side posts. Summary: The construction material trailer is suitable for universal applications. One of its strong points is its low net weight of only around 3,000 kg. The numerous load-securing options are a further highlight. The possibility of creating attachment points precisely where they are needed means that the trailer can transport a wide variety of loads safely. Plug-in side panels, a higher payload with the optional three-axle version – this trailer is extremely flexible. On the two-axle version, too, the axles are calibrated by laser. This reduces wear and minimises fuel costs. The trailer has greater manoeuvrability than a semi-trailer and is therefore far easier to handle, even in narrow entrances. The trailer can be easily parked  when not fully loaded. The intelligent use of removable side posts allows exploitation of the full width of the loading area – nothing gets in the way.

If a load does protrude, all side panels and side posts can be easily removed without the use of tools. As a series manufacturer, Fliegl is one of only a handful of companies which are still able to produce these trailers quickly and in large quantities and have the necessary expertise in the design and construction of such vehicles. Such long-term experience is the prerequisite for the outstanding unladen weight/payload ratio and optimum equipment of the trailer.

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH