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Progress has no limits. More than 50 years after the launch of the disc-mower concept and after having created the OPTIDISC cutter bar 15 years ago, KUHN again ups the performance standard of its disc cutter bars. The new OPTIDISC ELITE is the result of an in-depth study aimed at even greater efficiency.

The cutter bar retains the best features that have made it the most-widely sold cutter bar in the world:

  • Variable centre distances between discs according to rotational direction: increased centre distance when two discs converge to improve crop flow-through and prevent « double-cutting », reduced centre distance between forward-rotating discs to increase blade overlap.

  • Disc bearings connected both sides and the PROTECTADRIVE safety system for maximum strength should an impact occur.

  • More user comfort with Fast-Fit knife attachment and no oil change.

The major innovations are:

  • The overlap area has almost doubled in order to produce better cutting quality in moist and sticky plots (or with molehills), in heavy and laying crops, and in plant cover harvested at the end of autumn.

  • Smaller pitch angle, almost halved. This prevents the undulating cut which is typical with close mowing. It also stimulates homogeneous and faster regrowth as well as making it easier to set the machines that follow (tedder, rake).

  • New disc bearings with exclusive shape and attachment which hold the knives firmly in place in the event of impact while granting 360° rotational freedom.

  • Lower operating costs for machines used intensively: wear plates can be fitted to the disc skids and steel anti-abrasion protective plates to the underside of the cutter bar.

No less than 60 models of mower and mower-conditioner benefit from the advantages that come from the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar.

Source: KUHN S.A.