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Our first 50 years

Here we are at Bauma!


Every time we wait for the opening of the Munich exhibition with some trepidation. This is because after having worked so hard on new products, services, technologies and ancillaries, now the time has finally come to present them to all of you, dear Loyal Customers. You have always trusted us and we hope you will continue to do so. There is always a touch of emotion at this time because it is the final synthesis of a long and demanding analysis, design, implementation and testing work.

For this Bauma 2019, which falls on the 50th Soilmec Anniversary, we wanted to mark our presence at the exhibition with the slogan “sharing the experience, inspiring the future”. A synthesis that aims at underlining the strong company attitude to always look ahead, to explore new paths and to think of solutions that can meet more and more the needs of our customer, by starting from a sound and safe basis: the experience.

This was in the past and this will be in the future. Since innovation does not exclusively come out from the core of Technical or R&D Departments, but from everywhere. It is a cultural approach, a way of being and of interpreting one’s own work.

Source: Soilmec S.p.A.