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PB 4x4 power scissor for Schmittinger

Recently a PB S175-19E 4x4 was delivered from Oberbechingen, Bavaria to Köngen near Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg.


With great joy and in positive expectation the PB TOP 19 working platform was received there as a new member of the machine portfolio of Baumaschinen Schmittinger.

Reasons why? Quite simple: The PB machine simply fits perfectly into the requirements profile of Schmittinger.

The “object of desire“ should be an absolute all-rounder scissor lift that has the necessary power and can be used both indoor and outdoor. The PB S175-19E 4x4 fulfills these requirements with ease. Features such as „flexibility“, “power“ and “space“ are conspicuous. An emission-free, electrohydraulic 4x4 drive and 500 kg lift capacity at a max. 6.36 m x 1.88 m large Mega-deck platform are clear statements here, which also convinced Schmittinger.

The working platform is not just the first PB scissor to be owned by Schmittinger, but also directly the „biggest“ one. With its almost 18 m working height it surpasses all available scissors in the portfolio loosely.

The demand for exactly this type of working platform has arisen very often in the past, that’s why Schmittinger has decided to purchase the PB S175-19E 4x4 now.

Schmittinger intends to reach new customers with this working platform as well as offering an attractive alternative and a greater product variety to its existing customer base.

Source: PB Lifttechnik GmbH