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Ponsse to expand its factory

Ponsse invests in new production facilities in Vieremä. The new expansion is expected to be completed in autumn 2017. In addition to the new facilities, Ponsse will increase the level of automation in its production. The purpose of this investment is to manufacture products of an even higher level of quality, heavily improve productivity and offer a safe working environment.


The expansion investment was kicked off today by clearing the land area in Vieremä, and the actual construction will be started at the beginning of September.

“This investment secures the quality of our products and production in every situation. We are looking for more productivity and flexibility. Demand for PONSSE machines is high and the future of the forest industry is looking bright in many of our market areas,” President and CEO of Ponsse Plc Juho Nummela says.

Ponsse reviews investments across economic cycles, and this investment expands the company's long-term development work. In the past five years, Ponsse has invested a total of EUR 87 million in facilities and machinery. During the next two years, it will invest EUR 28–32 million in the development of production.

In addition to investments in facilities and machinery, Ponsse is heavily focusing on the development of its functions. “The Ponsse way of doing things remains strong. We are serious about building the world's best forest machines, and the positive Ponsse spirit has spread throughout the network,” Juho Nummela says.

Ponsse Group employs some 1,400 people, of whom 650 are working in the Ylä-Savo region at Ponsse's factory in Vieremä and in service businesses and at the logistics centre in Iisalmi.

Logistics centre to be expanded in Iisalmi.

The year of record-high investments can also be seen at Ponsse's logistics centre in Iisalmi. The expansion started in spring will add another 2,500 m2 to the logistics centre. The expansion to the building completed in 2013 will be finished in October this year.

The logistics centre serves Ponsse's entire international service network, which currently consists of 160 service centres.