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Ponsse launches a new harvester head model for processing

This week, Ponsse will have a strong presence at the DEMO International 2016 held on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia on 22–24 September. Ponsse will widely demonstrate its new PONSSE model series, harvesting solutions for steep slopes and PONSSE H8HD, a completely new harvester head model for big timber.


The new PONSSE H8HD harvester head is specifically designed for harvesting and processing big timber in demanding conditions. It continues the success of the smaller PONSSE H7HD harvester head and can be installed on the PONSSE Bear harvester and on over 20-tonne track-based machines. The new harvester head model offers a superior performance considering its size. A powerful feed, combined with its geometry which firmly supports larger trunks on feed rollers, guarantees extreme productivity and fuel economy. Thanks to the Opti automation system, it has an excellent cutting precision, and trees are always fed directly to the specific length at maximum speed.

PONSSE H8HD is also available with a top saw for processing curvy trees with a lot of branches. The PONSSE harvester head range also includes PONSSE H10 intended purely for processing. Also demonstrated at the DEMO International 2016, the sturdy and reliable H10 is designed for over 25-tonne track-based machines.

Ponsse has been developing harvester heads since the 1980s. The extensive harvester head range offers applications from first thinning to heavy-duty regeneration felling, as well as models from debarking eucalyptus heads to processing. Larger harvester heads can also be fitted on track-based solutions.

PONSSE Synchrowinch for effective harvesting on slopes

A full range of new PONSSE machines (stands A-12 and SS-1) will be in action at the DEMO International 2016. The PONSSE Bear harvester, a powerhouse for demanding logging sites, and the PONSSE ElephantKing forwarder will be demonstrated working on a slope (stand SS-1). Both of these will be equipped with the PONSSE Synchrowinch, a cost-effective and productive winch solution for harvesting on steep slopes. The Synchrowinch allows the harvesting fleet to be used extensively at various sites – in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

From a dream of a machine entrepreneur to one of the world's leading manufacturers of forest machines

Ponsse was founded in 1970, first for the needs of forest machine entrepreneur Einari Vidgrén: he needed to build a forest machine himself as others did not build them strong enough. Today, the Finnish family company is one of the world’s leading forest machine manufacturers with experience gained from more than 11,000 PONSSE forest machines, and its customer-oriented operations are still heavily guided by the wishes and needs of forest machine entrepreneurs.

Throughout its history, Ponsse has been a pioneer in effective and environmentally friendly cut-to-length logging. The PONSSE product range covers harvesters, forwarders, harvester and processing heads, cranes, loaders and information system products. Ponsse has 11 subsidiaries and 30 retailers, and its service network covers almost 40 countries. The Group employs nearly 1,500 forest machine professionals, with exports accounting for 78% of its net sales.

Currently, Ponsse is looking for a retailer in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. On the east coast, Ponsse's retailers are A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia), Hydromec (Quebec) and ReadyQuip (Ontario).

Ponsse's stands A-12 and SS-1 will feature daily harvesting demonstrations with the machines of the new PONSSE model series and additional information about our new products. Stand SS-1 will demonstrate how the PONSSE model series works on steep slopes using the PONSSE Synchrowinch solution.