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Probst Paving Carrier with Vacuum Attachment in Action

Since 2014, the restoration of Munich's historic Marienplatz (St. Mary Plaza) proceeds in several stages. One by one, new granite paving stones will soon replace the current old ones. The Swabian Mechanical Engineering Company Probst supplied the paving carrier TRANSMOBIL TM with the vacuum attachment SH-2500 to make this work easier.


The Marienplatz in Munich is the stage for many different celebrations and uncounted political, cultural and athletic events. On the vibrant plaza in the center of Munich, activities and events abound on a daily basis. This is hardly conducive to speedy restoration work.

The city awarded the contract for the restoration of the Marienplatz to the construction company Jahrstorfer Straßen- und Pflasterbau GmbH (road construction and stone surfacing company) from the German town of Witzmannsberg (Bavaria). For two years now since 2014, the company replaces the about 2,500 square meters of old granite plates with new ones, one patch at a time.

The first step involves loosening the more than 200 kg heavy old granite paving stones, which often seem to have grown into the ground. A hydraulic hammer was the right tool for this job.

Then it was time to pick up and remove the old, loosened paving stones using the gasoline-powered Probst vacuum attachment SH-2500. Like all Probst devices, the heavy-duty SH-2500 device is designed and made for the hardest construction jobs. Once more, the job in Munich delivered proof that the vacuum device is the optimal tool for lifting and moving heavy stone plates.

Workers use the SH-2500 device to lift and move all types of stone plates, treads and even pipes with ease and most importantly, without adverse consequences for their health. Use a load hook, chains, ropes or similar means to hitch the SH-2500 to any carrier. The SH-2500 is made for universal use and has a load capacity of up to 2,500 kg.

The attached vacuum device proves its flexibility and efficiency daily on construction sites. The Probst Company offers various suction plates for versatile use. Attaching or changing these suction plates for the SH-2500 is quick and easy.

An integrated gasoline motor powers the SH-2500, which the Jahrstorfer Company now uses. This makes the SH-2500 device completely autonomous. The electric version of the SH-2500 attachment is particularly suitable for construction sites in noise-sensitive areas with limited tolerance for loud noise.

To install the new granite paving slabs, the road construction and surfacing company Jahrstorfer uses the paving carrier Transmobil TM. For the development of this machine, the Probst Company received the industry's innovation medal.

This Probst Transmobil TM machine combines transport and vacuum installation. The combination is exceptional. The construction material is directly loaded on the installation carrier. The vacuum-powered installation is effortless and efficient. Only one person installs the granite paving stones with little effort. This has a positive effect on the health of the installation crew.

By comparison with manual paving stone installations, paving with the help of the Transmobil TM is up to five times faster. Thanks to the high load capacity of up to 250 kg, paving is quick and easy, and it does not stress the backs of workers.

Source: wyynot GmbH; Probst GmbH