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PROLANDER 6 and 7.5 metre trailed models

New versatile seedbed cultivators with vibrating tines


Willing to provide you with even more efficiency and to increase your working outputs, KUHN launches the PROLANDER 6000 and 7500. First seedbed cultivator in the KUHN range, the PROLANDER can perform multiple operations, from shallow stubble cultivation (second pass) to seedbed preparation. Its versatility is due to the 70x12 vibrating “S” tine which can be equipped with a 60mm share or a 180 mm goose foot-share. The front levelling board flattens the ploughed land before passage of the tines.

The 3 benefits of PROLANDER:

  1. Increased passage capacity in shallow stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation

Thanks to its 5 rows of tines and a tine passage every 15.5cm, the PROLANDER has the largest clearance of the market. It is the ideal tool to avoid any clogging in crop residues and to ensure consistent work over the whole machine width. All these characteristics make PROLANDER the best seedbed cultivator to manage min-till farming.

  1. Time savings and quick adaptation to work conditions

PROLANDER is the only cultivator of its category to offer continuous hydraulic adjustment of the working depth from the cab. This innovation provides unrivaled comfort and speed of execution without using tools.

  1. A simple choice of rollers according to your needs

The double 600mm U roller is very versatile on all types of soils. The U profile and the 12.9cm spacing allow perfect consolidation thanks to the soil-soil contact. The double U roller is self-cleaning and insensitive to plant residue clogging.

The double “tube-bar” roller of diameter 400/320mm and its levelling harrow provide an optimal crumbling even on heavy soils. This roller is well-adapted to seedbed preparation.

Source: Kuhn