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R70N RESCASSE: the right tool for radioactive storage

Carer Europe
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An electric elevator truck, which has high performances, adopted in France in nuclear storage sites right for his specific characteristic, which make it suitable for handling radioactive materials.


Projected and developed inside the R series, characterized by trucks expressly realized for intensive uses and heavy performances in material handlings, model R70N RESCASSE is an electric elevator truck of 7 tons, intended to underground handling and storage of drums containing radioactive waste.

Truck is equipped with a completely sealed lead cabin, with an air purification system to protect operator 100% from any possible contamination deriving from the goods handled.

It is also equipped with some various automatic systems and safety devices, with the possibility of also installing infrared cameras to help the operator in precision storage of radioactive containers

It has a capacity of 2.500 kg, a load center of 600mm and an elevation speed of 0.6 m/s: sturdy and extremely rigid, has been projected with a resistant axle, ideal for heavy duty applications and to ensure high efficiency in load handling even at high residual capacities, in order to ensure speed, safe handling of bulky loads and high productivity in heavy duty applications. Thanks to the advanced multi-function digital display (AMD) it is possible to balance its excellent performance with the long battery life of 1000 Ah, so as to obtain the most suitable configuration for the use and driving sensitivity of the operator.

Source: Carer Srl